10 Best Movies Starring The Cast Of Top Gun: Maverick

The long-awaited sequel to the iconic movie Top Gun has arrived in the form of Top Gun: Maverick and boasts a stellar cast. Experienced actors from Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly to Jon Hamm and Ed Harris are joined by other talented actors and everybody puts in a strong showing.

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The cast members have had plenty of impressive roles in television shows and movies. In some cases, combinations of Maverick actors have even worked together. Given how Top Gun: Maverick has been so well-received by audiences, fans should explore other movies that star the film’s cast.

10 Tom Cruise And Ed Harris Are Butting Heads Once Again In The Firm

Released in 1993, The Firm stars Tom Cruise as Mitch McDeere, a young lawyer who joins the prestigious law firm Bendini, Lambert & Locke. While there are many perks to working in this firm, there is plenty to suggest that the company is shady. Sure enough, Tom Cruise’s Mitch is eventually sucked into it all.

The FBI has multiple interactions with BL&L and Agent Wayne Tarrance generally leads these investigations. Agent Wayne is played by Top Gun: Maverick star Ed Harris, who plays Chester “Hammer” Cain.

9 Jon Hamm, Lewis Pullman, And Manny Jacinto All Feature In Bad Times At The El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale is a 2018 neo-noir thriller with an impressive cast that features the likes of Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, and Dakota Johnson. The 2018 film also features three actors from Top Gun: Maverick.

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Jon Hamm plays Laramie Seymour Sullivan, Lewis Pullman plays Miles Miller, and Manny Jacinto plays Wade. Bad Times at the El Royale focuses on the El Royale hotel and the numerous guests who come together as chaos ensues.

8 Tombstone’s Doc Holliday Is One Of Val Kilmer’s Best Performances

Val Kilmer has had numerous impressive roles over the years, including Top Gun‘s Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, but he doesn’t always get the credit he deserves. In 1993, Kilmer was a part of Tombstone and a cast full of now-legendary actors.

In a film loosely based on events in 1880s Tombstone, Kilmer plays Doc Holliday, the infamous American gambler and gunfighter. Doc is a vastly different character to Iceman, so it’s exciting to see Kilmer’s versatility. Tombstone performed well upon its release and is rightfully considered a Western classic.

7 The Last Samurai Is One Of Tom Cruise’s Best Performances

Tom Cruise has had a successful career that doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Although Tom Cruise tends to lend his acting talents to high-octane action films, The Last Samurai stands out among his better roles for its memorable concept and exceptional performances.

Cruise plays Nathan Algren, a war veteran who comes into contact with samurai and joins their cause. The Last Samurai boasts a stacked roster of talented actors, and Cruise certainly excels as Algren. While problematic aspects of Cruise’s personal life have come to light over the years, his talents as an actor are undeniable.

6 Ed Harris Plays The Creator Of The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a beloved film that focuses on Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) who comes to realize that his entire life is a TV show. Since its release in 1998, the concept has been referenced in numerous other movies and shows, with the most recent example being Free Guy.

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The Truman Show merges multiple different genres, with comedy and psychological drama being the most prominent. The creator of “The Truman Show” within the film is Christof (Ed Harris). Harris has more recently appeared in Top Gun: Maverick as Chester “Hammer” Cain.

5 Jennifer Connelly Plays Marion In Requiem For A Dream

Released in 2000, Requiem For A Dream is another film that showcases the tragic consequences of substance abuse and addiction. It takes a different approach to Danny Boyle’s successful Trainspotting, but it still became successful in its own right. While Trainspotting has moments that stay true to its black comedy status, Requiem For A Dream is more of a dramatic psychological thriller.

Top Gun: Maverick‘s Jennifer Connelly plays Marion, who struggles with various forms of addiction. Requiem For A Dream is powerful in showing the characters and their pain and is a captivating must-watch.

4 Glen Powell Is Astronaut John Glenn In Hidden Figures

Before his role as Jake “Hangman” Seresin in Top Gun: Maverick, Glen Powell had several impressive roles on his resume. Not only was he in the famously stacked cast of The Expendables 3, but he also had a role in The Dark Knight Rises.

In 2016, Glen Powell appeared in Hidden Figures as astronaut John Glenn. Hidden Figures follows a team of female African-American mathematicians who play a vital role within NASA in the 1960s, hence them meeting Powell’s astronaut. Hidden Figures boasts a talented cast with Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner, and several other notable actors leading the way.

3 Ed Harris And Jennifer Connelly Both Feature In A Beautiful Mind

Starring Russell Crowe in the lead role, A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 biographical movie based on the life of mathematician John Nash. Crowe is accompanied by a stacked cast that includes Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly, both of whom are in Top Gun: Maverick.

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In A Beautiful Mind, Ed Harris plays William Parcher and Jennifer Connelly portrays Nash’s wife Alicia. Connelly won a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA for her phenomenal performance. The film tells a moving love story while encompassing themes of mental health.

2 Fallout Is The Crowning Jewel Of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible Journey

The Mission: Impossible franchise is a rare case of a movie series that introduced some of its best work with its more recent additions. The 2018 film Mission: Impossible – Fallout has everything that the franchise is loved for.

Summer 2023 will see the next installment in the series, titled Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. This time, Tom Cruise will be accompanied by two of his Top Gun: Maverick co-stars, Charles Parnell and Greg Tarzan Davis, Warlock and Coyote respectively.

1 Whiplash Was A Breakout Opportunity For Miles Teller

Before his standout performance as Rooster in Top Gun: MaverickMiles Teller’s best prior performance was undoubtedly his role as Andrew in the 2014 drama Whiplash. Whiplash sees Andrew as a young drummer who’s pushed to his limits by conductor Terence Fletcher, played by JK Simmons.

Fletcher is renowned as a strict figure, but Andrew’s attempts to improve and prove himself actually make for an interesting relationship. Their dynamic is toxic and complicated, and Whiplash is extremely compelling because of it.

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