10 spin-off movies we want after Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball Super the latest chapter in his shonen sprawling saga and has managed to expand the universe of the series in highly satisfying ways. Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball heroes are forever growing stronger, but Dragon Ball Super has brought divine figures and threats from other worlds into the picture. Dragon Ball Super Games Anime continues its story through feature films and Superhero is the last film a Ball Dragon adventure.

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There is a growing trend for anime movies to be alternatives and focus on specific characters. Any of Dragon Ball Super Games it has the greatest strengths an eclectic team of charactersand many are well-suited for a spin-off feature after events at Superhero.

10 Malevolent Dragon Ball Red Ribbon has an interesting history to study

The Red Ribbon Army has been rudely present in the Ball Dragon universe as early as the original series. The One of the first major threats was the military that Goku is overcoming his youth, but despite their loss they have still threatened the safety of Earth throughout the series. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero bring back the Red Ribbon in a big way and they seem more prepared to take over the world than ever before. It would be a quick change in pace to get another film that explores how they rebuilt their empire – perhaps from the perspective of an altruistic scientist within the organization.

9 Piccolo is too late for a proper show

Anime Dragon Ball Super Hero Ultimate Piccolo

Ball Dragon he certainly has an obsession with Saiyans, but Piccolo is the resident producer of the series Namekian and there is still a lot to explore with this particular genre. Piccolo has been a staple for the series ever since Dragon Ball Z and it seems Superhero not only put plans into consideration, but also reward him with a new and powerful form. Piccolo is a character rich enough to be able to sustain his own film and perhaps get an update there Superhero encourages him to search for a soul and reconnect with its roots.

8 Goten & Trunks Teen Years is a great material for a spin-off adventure

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Teen Goten Trunks Fusion Pose

Each one individually Ball Dragon franchises move forward in world history, but there is still a level of stasis when it comes to Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero finally the watch turned on and the youth Goten and Trunks have seen some of the biggest changes and they are now teenagers.

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Previously Dragon Ball Z films with a focus on Goten and Trunks and it would be fun to return to this animation, albeit in a more mature way. Another film of this kind also allows their unified form, Gotenks, to be pushed to new places.

7 There is potential for fun and slapstick action comedy with a spin-off pan

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Pan Kick

Something else that is very attractive in the future Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that Gohan and Videl’s daughter, Pan, has matured from child to child. Dragon Ball GT proper study of Pan’s events when she’s older, but that’s interesting Sàr has reached a point where Pan and some able to cultivate its potential. A full length film aimed at Pan could be a lot of fun and could evoke the feeling of the original Ball Dragon when Goku was still a child. Even a Pikachu Holidays vibe to the film where Pan ‘s progress is usually told through visual storytelling rather than communication.

6 Gohan is a neglected character who gets his back through a spin-off movie

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Super Saiyan

Gohan has been a vital part of it Ball Dragon; the franchise tells how he grew from child to father, as he did with Goku. Gohan grows short Dragon Ball main character when there is no Goku, but gradually it has receded backwards, especially in Sàr. Fans have been so excited to see that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero it will focus heavily on Gohan and this success could inspire its own outcome for the Saiyan. A film dedicated to Gohan’s individual growth as a hero, while Goku can still shine in the main series, is a clever way to Ball Dragon to have the best of both worlds.

5 Android Vengeance Movie is a very interesting scene

Anime Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gamma 2 Punch

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero marks the return of the Red Ribbon, but it’s an opportunity for some as well Dangerous and developed androids to submit the image. Gamma 1 and 2, Red Ribbon ‘s latest creations, seem to be the main antagonists in Superhero.

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Androids 17 and 18 were given more responsibilities throughout Dragon Ball Super and another film dedicated to them would be an interesting change of pace. Androids 17 and 18 could find Gamma 3 and 4 hypotheses or the remnants of Red Ribbon in a reflective story about artificial intelligence.

4 Broly’s Spin – Off Film is a great way to let the Saiyan find his voice

Broly, Dragon Ball Super Saiyan was mythical, at heart Dragon Ball Super Games the first major film, but it feels like the series has only scratched the surface of this character. Dragon Ball Super: Broly broad details A story of Broly ‘s sad origins, but Saiyan’s development as an independent hero and someone who understands his own strengths better is currently the most interesting area for study. Another film could pit Broly against an original enemy and help the character establish his own identity outside of Goku’s shadow.

3 Bardock Granolah & Gas Flashback movie could incorporate the manga

Anime Dragon Ball Super Broly Bardock Attack

Dragon Ball Super Games continuous anime is currently ready in a special sense, but the story of the franchise has continued through its manga, which introduced new lies and horrific revelations. One of the biggest turn-ins Dragon Ball Super Games Manga is a return Bardock, though through eyes, and its history with the Cerealians and Heeter Force. There is enough material just from Bardock’s history to inspire his own film. This would work like the story alone, but it’s also an effective way to set up the upcoming Granolah and Gas arc so that there will be more pressure on it when those characters return.

2 Beerus & Whis has had many divine events that deserve to be explored

Universe 7 God of Destruction and two Angels, Beerus and Whishas been excellent for contributing to the Ball Dragon series. They are effective guides when it comes to the heterogeneous and larger threats of the series that spans Universe 7, but they have also helped Goku and Vegeta to become much stronger. Beerus and Whis are so powerful that they are often forced to stick to the side, but listeners have longed to see the full power in action. Another film would be a great way to accomplish this – even an original story for these gods would be satisfying.

1 A Saiyaman superhero movie would bring a full circle of jokes

For my loved ones!  The Great Saiyaman unstable

The Great Saiyaman Gohan alter ego street level superhero and the Saiyan is likely to provide this suit in another Gohan – based campaign. But, Dragon Ball Super go even further in this category and deliver a film that is specially designed as a Great Saiyaman superhero genre genre. Dragon Ball Super joke that the character canonically has made films about him in the universe of the show. Another film could produce these Saiyaman films. It would be a quick change of pace Ball Dragon, but that is just what may be necessary.

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