4 Investigations: Questions remain for the family of Officer Darian Jarot

Dorian’s father, John Jarrot, said he visited his son’s grave every day.

“I came and talked to him,” he said. “It was probably the worst day of my life. It was as if they had torn my heart and my soul at once.

Darian’s parents say that day changed their lives.

“I can not believe it. It’s still unbelievable, ”said his mother, Gloria.

The Darian family considers his children to be his legacy. He had three children at the time of his death.

“He’s always been a great father,” said his 9 – year – old daughter, Ariella.

He has never met his youngest daughter, Dorian Riley Jarot, who gave birth to his fianc భార్యe, Alicia Jarot, after she adopted the Dorian surname this summer.

“It simply came to our notice then. I want to see all the milestones of my daughter that he lost, ”said Alicia.

The couple shared at Lordsburg House that Dorian’s clothes and shoes were still where he left them.

Alicia recalls helping him get ready that morning, then hearing that her terrible fears have come true.

“Dorian never achieved it. He never left,” she said, recalling when the news came to her. “He, you know, he’s gone.”

It was a day that shocked the state of New Mexico.

Officer Jarot’s body and dash cameras show his encounter with Omar Cueva, a dangerous suspect in I-10 in Deming.

Jarrot pulls him up, correctly locating his vehicle from the BOLO or warning him to “see”.

After introducing himself to Queue, the suspect told Jarot that he had a gun.

“Would you mind if I removed it for my safety?” Jarot asked.

A few seconds later, Cueva comes out and shoots Zarot‌.

He led Cueva police in a high-speed chase and was shot dead by officers in Los Cruises.

Officer Jarot’s family believes he should never be in that position.

An internal New Mexico State Police investigation into his death revealed that federal agents with Homeland Security had secretly targeted Cueva on a drug sting that day. In fact, agents were watching from just two hundred yards away when he shot Jarrot.

So why does Officer Jarot not know what he is doing?

That is the question behind the false death claim filed by Gabriella Jarrot, Jarrot’s wife and mother of two of his four children.

Albuquerque attorney Sam Bregman argued on her behalf.

“It never happened. He was ambushed. Officer Jarot committed the ambush without knowing how dangerous this man was,” Breggman said. “It simply came to our notice then. Is becoming clear through reports. This is clear from everything we have examined at this point.

4 Investigators reviewed hundreds of pages of interview transcripts from the lawsuit and found that they had exposed discrepancies between state police and that NMSP and federal agents were still pointing fingers.

From the outset, NMSP investigators have questions for the specific supervisor, the State Police Sergeant. Mark Madrid – about what he knew about the secret drug purchase.

“I do not even know who the dude is,” said the sergeant. Madrid told NMSP researchers last year.

However, the supervisor with the Fed said the agents provided the information to the sergeant. Madrid before the stop.

“Everyone knows this guy is dangerous. It’s a high-risk stop, “said Hector Hurta, a Homeland Security agent, in an interview with NMSP researchers last year.

Now, in a swearing-in interview, new details were revealed when Breigman questioned Madrid about what he had asked the federal supervisor about Cueva.

“Did you ask him how dangerous he was?” Bregman asked.

“No sir,” Madrid responded.

In another affidavit, state police officer Daniel Solis accused Madrid – a senior official – of not asking the Fed “necessary questions”.

Even the state police officer, who is leading the agency’s own investigation, did not see a clear picture of what happened.

79 times during the deposit, the officer said he was unaware or unsure of the substance of the case. However, he called the investigation “complete” and “complete,” but a state police spokesman told KOB 4 that it was ongoing.

“They do not change training. They do not change policies. They do nothing,” Breggman said of the NMSP.

The lawsuit against the state is set to go to trial next year – on January 11, 2023. Bregman said the lawsuit against the Fed was in the works.

Back in Lordsburg, Officer Jarot’s family had no answers.

“Looking back, I have a lot of questions,” said his fiance, Alicia. “The biggest question I have is, why is my fianc alone?”

His family wants people to remember his sacrifice when they were trying to heal.

“I do not want him to forget,” Alicia said.

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