7 movies that every movie lover must watch once, according to Reddit

There are movie viewers and then there are movie buffs, who watch, study and comment on the film for years, even decades after its release. Everything from cinematography to well-executed communication can be the difference between a good movie and a hall of fame classic, which is why film buffs have made it their duty to add a list of films each won that very important title.

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Redditor artifactsxk reported that they were looking for a list of essential movies that movie lovers should watch at least once in their lifetime, and many users were quick to give up. find out which films were the best examples and which directors are worth exploring. in detail.


Fargo (1996)

Frances McDormand as Marge in Fargo

There are a lot of things about it Fargo that still holds up today, which is one reason why the film remains a real hit for many self – titled films. The film is a crime thrush with a star – studded team that has fired many of them into the world of fame, but that’s not the only reason the film is still in real need. The film’s ability to combine comedy with drama distracted fans from the real balance, exposing many to this genre mix for the first time.

Fargo avoiding the usual routines expected of a crime thrush and instead replacing it with a slow pace that was only made more specific by the dark comedy element of the film, as the fast-paced action was not associated with crime thrushes there. Mellow_out_dude explained how the Coen brothers “usually make weird dark comedies, but their real movies are just as good,” and Fargo together these two things, which eventually led to great popularity among movie buffs. The film permanently draws viewers differently from each other, which is why it is such an interesting watch.

Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Grand Budapest Hotel named a movie lover’s paradise because it uses vibrant coloring, something akin to Wes Anderson’s work. The film is visually stunning, with bright pops of blue and pink, backed by the usual camera angles that give Anderson’s films a slightly different and imaginative look.

Like Fargothe film combines drama with comedy to create a brutal and insulting tale of crime, friendship, and love, and it is the use of communication and uniqueness in each character that has attracted many admirers. film. Grand Budapest Hotel an amazing color scheme did not detract from the plot of the film but added to the story entirely. Mellow_out_dude explained how the film was “silly, fun, and a joy to watch,” all at the same time. The film not only showcases beautiful artwork, but is also a fun watch. which links the themes of childhood and adulthood.

Fear Eun (2014)

Fear eun it generated a lot of controversy within the world of film criticism when it was first released in 2014. The complex line was revealed through the film’s chaotic film style, camera angles, and performances by Michael Keaton, Edward Norton , and Emma Stone. Fear eun depicting the harsh reality of a tired actor coupled with his imagination and desire to remain as important as his character.

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For many movie buffs, Fear eun It was an experience, filmed as a sequel that conveyed a very important message through the role played by Michael Keaton. Share Mellow_out_dude as “the subject is heavy, the cinematography is soft, and you may have been emotionally exhausted by the end,” which is why the film deserved the title of best movie of the year in 2015.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction has earned a reputation as a cult classic and remains a feature film for all film buffs, as are many other calls from the iconic Quentin Tarantino. While there are many fan theories about what was inside the celebrity Pulp Fiction newspaper, there are many things that made the film unsettling, especially for Uncle_Lake, who explained how it is “always one [they] a compliment to people who are just starting out in filmmaking. ”

One of the main reasons for Pulp Fictionsuccess was a memorable and complex use of a conversation that fans still recount even today. It was inspiring, funny, and even scary, which mirrored the film’s genre-mixing approach that features a great deal of graphic violence but is visually appealing through unconventional lighting and cinematography.

Memories (2000)

Joe Pantoliano and Guy Pearce in Memento

Memory Listed as one of Christopher Nolan’s best works, it tells a story that fans are invited to listen to and share with the main character. From his musical score to his fast – paced action, the film attracted a lot of action fans but how did he position himself as a true spectator for movie buffs? The film is largely told behind the scenes, which mirrors Leonard’s amnesia, making it an innovative and exciting watch for filming fans.

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According to Uncle_Lake, the film is one of Christopher Nolan’s favorite works and a bit of fun, as it encourages the viewer to decode the movie while watching. However, the film was excellent in other ways, as in its suave transitions which are somehow a reflection of Leonard’s elegant dress, while at the same time comparing his appearance to put together with his asynchronous storytelling that sensibly plays into his amnesia.

Goodfellas (1990)

Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta in Goodfellas

Martin Scorsese is a name that draws on the world of filmmaking for all the right reasons but his film was, Goodfellas, that has become a staple for those who call themselves self – proclaimed movie buffs. Goodfellas one of the most compelling films historically and was revolutionary in its portrayal of life as a movement. Martin Scorsese brought the mob world to life in a way that was not glorified and even an active hindrance to the way in which his filming brought the same concern to viewers that Henry Hill felt.

The film used a series of jump cuts and continuous captures to capture all the emotions the characters were feeling and make viewers feel the same. Goodfellas disturbing the general structure of the stories by starting in the middle, allowing viewers to see how Henry Hill was originally glorified by Henry Hill until he ended up in the defense of witnesses. Uncle_Lake explained how Goodfellas “A good way into his film,” with the helicopter scene allowing fans to feel the exact anguish that Henry felt through his series of cuts that make him hearts of racing fans, proving why it is a classic movie.

Jaws (1975)

The shark breaks a boat in Jaws 2 apart

hostages He still has a strong place in the cinematic hall of fame for his role as the first summer blockbuster and for the high level of clever advertising and marketing, on which films now rely heavily. Along with the perfect marketing of the film, hostages it also had a brilliant soundtrack that captures the hearts of the audience even today, with many singing the thunderous and anxious tune.

Uncle_Lake said that “hostages the first blockbuster and still a good popcorn flick “because of its ability to keep the shark hidden before it appeared in a scary and suspicious way, which left many fans overwhelmed by that popcorn. hostages we were able to show what happened after the shark without letting viewers see, which was aided by the short and choppy cuts of the film which were somehow a mirror of the water and the -great white hunger, making it a good watch, even today.

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