Attack Titan: 10 things that went wrong with the movies about Eren

Eren Jaeger is the main character Titan Attack Game. While many fans love him from the anime and manga, the animated films released in 2015 made many major changes to his character, getting some things wrong in the process.

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While Eren went from manga hero to main protagonist, the film version of Eren always portrayed him as a main character and finished his story in a completely different way. Those who have not seen the movies or read the end of the manga should know Yes spoilers in this article.

10 Film Eren could not find work

Eren Jaeger angry

In anime and manga, Eren has never had to find work. He always wanted to join the army and became a soldier as soon as he was old enough. In the movies, however, the first thing listeners learn about him is that he was fired, and this was not the first time.

He got most of his works through Armin’s father, who was still alive at the beginning of the film series. However, after losing his last job, Armin’s father abandoned him.

9 Eren did not give his scarf to Mikasa when they first met

Eren gives his scarf to Mikasa

In the original material, Grisha took Eren to the Ackermanns house to meet Mikasa, where they discovered that her parents had been murdered and abducted. Eren saved her life and the Jaegers took her in, as she had nowhere else to go.

This is when Eren gave her the scarf in the manga and anime, which represented what they cared about each other. In the film, Eren gave his scarf to Mikasa when they went to the wall with Armin, which happened when they knew each other much longer and were years older.

8 Film Eren did not believe in titans

Film AOT Titan

Eren always hated the Titans in manga and anime. He wanted to join the Survey Corps so that he could go beyond the walls and kill as many as he could, especially after the invasion of Shiganshina.

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The first film changed Eren’s character dramatically because he did not believe in the existence of Titans. However, he was proved wrong sometimes after he told Armin he did not believe, as the Titans were able to get into the walls and kill hundreds of people in front of him.

7 The film that Eren thought Mikasa died of

Attack Mikasa Titan movie

As Eren ran away from the Titans, he was separated from Mikasa and believed to have been eaten. He mourned her death for two years.

When he joined the army two years later with Armin, the two were horrified to learn that Mikasa not only survived, but was one of the strongest soldiers in the world. However, her personality had also changed dramatically and she was no longer interested in the connection she once had with Eren.

6 The film Eren is almost tied to Hiana

AoT film Eren and Hiana

When Eren thought that Mikasa no longer cared about him, especially after seeing him with Shikishima, Eren was almost unrelated to Hiana, one of his companions. The two were alone together when they saw Fukushi and Lil, two of the couple’s other companions.

Wanting what they had, Hiana tried to be intimate with Eren. However, before the two could be together, Titan went out after him, picked up Hiana and ate her.

5 Grisha submitted the movie Eren with Titan Serum for a completely different purpose

Grisha injects Eren

The reason Grisha introduced Eren with Titan serum was one of the most amazing plot twists in anime and manga. When it was difficult to kill the Reiss family, Eren older traveled through time using the Coordinator and asked his father to take their lives, along with the Established Titan, and hand them over. to younger Eren.

Grisha did as he was told, but was discouraged by what was going on, not understanding what his son was expecting. In the movies, Eren did not make the decision to inject Grisha. Instead, Grisha was just a terrible father who tested his son.

4 Film Eren temporarily joins Shikishima

Shikishima, Mikasa, and Eren

Shikishima was a character who only appeared in the movies, replacing Zeke and Levi.

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When Shikishima told Eren how the Titans came to be, Eren thought joining him was the best thing to do, paying homage to how the manga version of it looked like Levi. However, Shikishima was not nearly as honorable as Lebhi, as he intended to kill many people in order to disarm.

3 Eren had different views on Killing People

Anime attack on Titan Eren Declaration War changing

Once Eren learned what Shikishima’s plan was, he joined his other companions to stop him. Eren hated that the Titans had killed so many people that they did not want anyone else to die. Although Eren from the stockpile also did not want people to die, he realized that he had to be a mass murderer to save his friends and home.

Eren killed most of humanity as he stamped around the world with an army of Colossal Titans, something his film collaborator would not even think of doing.

2 Eren’s film never went to other countries a

Eren at sea

After learning that there were people outside the walls in the manga and anime, Eren decided to go to Marley and gain a better understanding of what his enemies’ lives were like. He pretended to be a patient in one of Marley’s hospitals before invading the country.

When he started Rumbling, he visited many other countries and took the lives of their citizens. As far as Eren went in the movie he was on top of the wall, where he was able to see the beautiful scene on the other side.

1 Film Eren’s friends did not kill him

Film Attack on Titan

Since Eren did not become an antagonist in the film series, his friends had no reason to fight him. In the original material, they teamed up with Marley’s Hero Unit to defeat him, with Mikasa as the one who gave his life through beheading.

By the end of the second film, Eren was still alive and had a happy ending as his enemies were defeated and his friends were still by his side.

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