Bruce Willis’ Biggest Hit Movie Isn’t What Fans Think It Is

Fans of TV’s Moonlighting could tell from the off that Bruce Willis was capable of great things. The actor brought such chemistry to that 1985-1989 series that no one should have been surprised when Willis crossed over into movies. For decades, Willis was one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. And despite all the actor’s hits, his biggest hit probably isn’t what so many fans assume it is.

Bruce Willis | Theo Wargo

Bruce Willis is best known for the ‘Die Hard’ franchise

Willis had only appeared in a handful of movies by the time his movie career exploded. 1988’s The Hard leveraged not only his comic timing but also gave the actor an everyman quality that turned the movie into a phenomenon. Willis, of course, plays John McClane – a New York cop who gets caught up in a terrorist attack on a Los Angeles skyscraper. And in the process, Willis and director John McTiernan invented the modern action movie.

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