Christopher Broad killed by buddies shooting at each other while wearing armored vests

A teenager from Florida was killed and two of his buddies were arrested after taking turns shooting at each other live while wearing armored vests, police said Friday.

Christopher Broad, 16, was found Sunday at home in Belleview with at least one gunshot wound. He was rushed to a local hospital where he died of his injuries, the cops said.

A subsequent investigation revealed that Broad and another boy, 17-year-old Joshua Vining, took turns “shooting each other while wearing a vest that included a kind of bulletproof vest,” the Belleview Police Department said in a statement.

A third teenager, Colton Whitler, was present at the time of the tragedy and allegedly gave officers a false report of what happened, authorities said.

“Vining shot Broad while he was wearing a vest and was hit,” the statement said.

Vining and Whitler were arrested in connection with Brad’s death on Thursday and will be charged as adults, the cops said.

Joshua Vining and Colton Whitle were arrested for the murder of a child with a firearm and for giving false information to law enforcement.
Facebook Police Department / Belleview
In addition to the park of mobile homes
Christopher Broad was shot dead in a mansion in a caravan park.

Vining is hit by a firearm in the murder of a child, while Whitler is accused of giving false information to law enforcement.

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