Family and friends say NYC teen Angeli Ambo, shot dead in the Bronx, is a ‘beautiful soul’

A 16-year-old girl who was shot and killed Friday after being caught in a gunfight near her South Bronx high school is a Straight A-student and her aunt, who mourns her death, told The Post.

According to police and her relatives, Angeli Ambo was the latest victim of a New York City spiring gun crisis when two “broken criminals” opened fire on a block from University Preparation Charter High School at 1:45 pm, beating her and two other teenagers, police and her relatives.

“She was a girl who went to school and came straight home. She’s never been on the street, ”said Aunt Margarita Yambo about her last niece. “She’s one of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met.”

The young man’s parents were “devastated,” Yambo, 38, by his brother Angeli’s father.

Another aunt, Elvia Henriquez, 36, described the murdered girl as “loving and caring”.

Henriquez told his sister, Angeli’s mother, “I’m not talking much, because I’m still in shock.”

“She’s in big trouble right now,” Henriquez said.

Police did not officially release the girl’s name on Friday night, but the two aunts confirmed that they had lost their beloved niece, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell described earlier Friday as “a young woman with a bright future”.

Timothy McCormack, NYPD chief of the Bronx Detectives, said the violence began when a man started “gesturing to someone” across the street and started firing after school children as they approached.

Angeli Ambo taking a mirror selfie
Angeli Yambo, filmed here in 2020, was shot and killed Friday shortly before the University Preparation Charter High School.
Facebook / Angellyh Yambo
Angeli Ambo wears bright eyeshadow
Beyonc మరియు and Rihanna are remembered by friends as Ambo for her love of music.
Facebook / Angellyh Yambo

Two other unplanned targets – a girl and a boy, both 16, are expected to survive.

This is the latest in a series of shootings in which children have been killed or injured in the city this year.

“I’m afraid to go out every day because of this gun violence,” said Margarita Yambo.

“On the street, put more police on every corner. I do not know. I do not know, ”she broke her throat. “It simply came to our notice then.

“I hope they find these animals,” she added of the shooter. “Change themselves or the police will get them and they will be in jail for life.”

Yambo told The Post that her niece was a “good girl” who got out of trouble and focused on her school work.

“She’s a beautiful soul. She’s a straight-A student,” the grieving Bronx woman said in a phone interview.

Police respond to the April 8, 2022 shooting at 154 East in the Bronx.
Police respond to the April 8, 2022 shooting at 154 East in the Bronx.
James Messerschmitt for the NY Post

“She’s been in front of him all her life.”

The murdered young man has three brothers and is a “great big sister,” says Ambo, whose niece “likes makeup” and excels at it.

Henriquez, the victim’s mother’s sister, said Angeli’s siblings were “really struggling” with their sister’s untimely death.

“Remember what you were doing during the conflict,” said the disgruntled aunt. “Think before you do anything. People, innocent people are losing their lives in precious circumstances. ”

Angeli Ambo smiling in a floral shirt
“She was a girl who went to school and came straight home. She’s never been on the street, ”said Angeli’s aunt Margarita Yambo. This photo was taken in 2019.
Facebook / Angellyh Yambo

The superintendent of the building near the scene of the shooting on East 156th Street said the first responders were in vain to save the life of his daughter, who was shot in the torso.

“The mother is screaming like crazy. The police stopped her, “he told the Post. “I felt her pain in her screams. There is nothing stronger than the screams of a mother.”

Police officers in the video showed chest compressions on a girl lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk.

“She does not deserve to be oppressed as she is. . . I’m heartbroken, ”said Hazel Cheeseborough, Angeli’s childhood best friend. “Her mother is heartbroken. She’s trying to get there, but she’s not feeling so great. I mean, she’s lost her daughter, but she’s trying.

Angeli Ambo Certificate
Yambo’s aunts call her “a young woman with a bright future.”
Facebook / Angellyh Yambo

The 15-year-old girl shared sweet memories of Angeli while the two teenagers in the East 156th building called home and spoke to The Post in tears.

“She is always looking for the bright side, not the bad side. That’s her, “said Cheeseborough, who learned about the tragedy by looking at” RIP Angelie “posts on Facebook.

“She’s a fun person to be around. She does not like to see anyone mad or sad. She’s always excited people. If you’re depressed, she’s the one to call.

Angeli likes to play video games like “Call of Duty” and “Fortnight” and she says she’s jammed into Beyonc మరియు and Rihanna’s music.

Angeli Ambo is 16 years old.
Angeli Ambo is 16 years old. Here, she posed with friends in 2018.
Beyonc మరియు and Rihanna are remembered by friends as Ambo for her love of music.
“She’s been in front of him all her life.” Margarita Ambo said with The Post.

The teen says her girlfriend has just started in university preparation for ninth grade. When the two last looked at each other last Saturday, Angeli was excited about making new friends at school and applying for summer jobs.

Two other injured teenagers attended Mott Heaven Village Preparatory High School and University Heights Secondary School, both on the same campus as the murdered girl’s high school.

The accused, who is believed to be 20 years old, jumped into the vehicle and fled.

Additional Reporting by Jack Morpheat

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