Four years after the disappearance of a Columbus woman, the family still wonders ‘Where is Erin?’

Columbus, as. (WRBL) – It has been four years since a family last heard from their daughter, sister, girlfriend and aunt.

Today, four years ago, Columbus woman Erin Collier went missing. News3 had the opportunity to speak with the missing man Erin Collier’s sister Sarah Kemp. She describes how she realized her sister was missing.

“In the beginning, when we realized something was wrong, we panicked and it was not like Erin not talking to us or giving back our calls. We are all very close and family oriented. Erin and my mom were good friends and my sister and I were close, so she did not want to return our calls. We know something went wrong. So, most of all, we want her voice to be heard that is not like she’s walking away, ”Kemp explained.

During the years of searching for Erin, her family tried to find her and did everything they could: walking miles, searching trenches, offering cash prizes and much more. Kemp describes only one of several attempts to bring his sister home.

“I was literally upright, nonstop for two years, away from everyone, away from my friends, even from my family … I went and rented a pump from the home depot and sucked the water out of the well because someone said. , You know, she might have been there and it’s definitely a rumor, but it was like a 17 hour trip, my husband and I were sitting on the river bank there and sent this well for 17 hours. We don’t know where it will lead us or what it will lead to, “said Kemp.

Whenever she gets a tip about Erin she goes looking for her, she is always in an unexpected situation.

“You see things like that on TV and you never, you never know, can’t imagine or think, ‘Hey, I’m going to put up posters for my sister’ or ‘Have you seen her?’ I hit the wall very nicely and that’s the biggest problem now, I still do not know where to go. There is nothing more, I do not know. I do not know what to do yet, ”Kemp explained.

As the years go by, the search for Erin continues. Kemp shares the importance of being a voice to his sister and reminds those who have a missing loved one, not to stop looking.

“You are your beloved voice now, and do not let anyone discourage you. Keep looking for your loved one and let them forget who they are and constantly remind the community that ‘hey this person was never found’. We have to be here and you have to be the voice of your loved one and stand up because if you don’t, who will, ”Kemp said.

Members of the community may know the sign “Where is Erin?” At the intersection of 24th Street and 12th Avenue in Columbus by Kemp. Recently, someone took the name Erin and Kemp went back to fix it because the search was over.

“I will do everything I can to bring her home. And as long as there is air in my lungs, I will always look for her,” she said.

Some remember the details of Erin’s missing person flyer: she’s 5’3, ”weighs about 130 pounds.

“I want her house. Her firecrackers. She’s tough, she’s very funny. She loved her family dearly. She is a very proud aunt. She is a very beautiful person, ”said Kemp.

Kemp is asking anyone with information to come forward so she can finally rest her sister.

“I pray that the responsible person will come forward even if anonymously. And it may seem bad, but when I say that, I mean, if you could tell us where she is, I could bring her home and relax in the right way.

Anyone with information is requested to call the Youth Services Unit of the Columbus Police Department at 706-653-3449 or 911.

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