Harley Quinn’s nickname R-Rated is too offensive for the films

While Harley Quinn is an R-Rated character based in the DCEU, one nickname she gave herself in the comics is too offensive for the films.

While Harley Quinn Renowned for her disrespectful humor and flexible outlook even in the toughest of DC Comics situations, her top R-level nickname is too wild for the films, even according to the her standards. Harleen Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn was first introduced as a criminal to Batman and a close friend of the Joker. After breaking ties with Prince Crime Clown, Harley embarked on her own journey from villain to antihero, and now to frontier superhero. However, Harley Quinn has never lost the chaotic element that makes it Harley Quinn, but with this unique nickname, it may have taken things a little too far.


Anns Suicide Squad: Hell to pay # 12 with Jeff Parker and Matthew Dow Smith, Amanda Waller has set her Suicide Squad against the supernatural in an attempt to save herself from the wrath of the Specter. Waller is set to retrieve an artifact called the Amaurex Key that has the power to keep an immortal soul out of hell no matter how bad it was in their lives. After the Specter revealed that she was on Waller’s tail for her many horrific crimes, Waller grew desperate to get the key back and save her soul.

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In the final battle of this issue, Harley Quinn takes all members of Team Suicide into their other enemies. In this introduction, she gives herself a new nickname that is much crazier than usual. Haley Quinn says she, “Yours sincerely, Insane Clown P * ssy.”While Harley Quinn is common in the R landscape of live action films, the term she uses to describe herself may not make the cut even in films like The Suicide Team and Birds of Prey (and Harley Quinn’s Fantabulous One Release) because even this small graphic series chose to censor their nickname.

Body image of a Harley Quinn film

The strangest side of this nickname is arguably Harley Quinn’s reference. “Insane Clown P * ssy“referring to the band, Insane Clown Posse. If such a band were to be at DC Universe, it would not be surprising if it was connected to the Joker in some form, as it is partly anything related to a clown in DC Comics However, Harley Quinn is known to break the fourth wall from time to time, so the -this reference can be just for the benefit of the reader while anyone who listens to her in the comic just does not know what she is talking about.

Despite her reference to the nickname, it does not appear to be spoken out in any of Harley Quinn’s films. “Insane Clown P * ssy”Certainly pushes the boundaries as the character knows, but it might be just a little too much even for future R level Harley Quinn film.

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