‘I will never forget:‘ Dan Co. A mother who witnessed her son being brutally shot outside a prison is a witness

Dane Co. A man with a family ID was killed in a shooting outside the jail; A vigil was held in memory of the victim

Madison, Wis – Family and friends of the man who was shot dead in downtown Madison held a vigil outside the jail Wednesday evening.

Several dozen people came to celebrate the life of mother Angela Michelle Briggs, known as Dwayne Lee Collins. He was released from jail Friday at the time, police said.

Briggs said he was out of jail Wednesday and saw his 31-year-old son and the father of three teenagers being shot.

“Never forget” She says. “I have to lift my baby’s head to try to comfort my baby and see the blood flowing under him. I can not pull my head back. I close my eyes and I look at it.

Briggs said he was glad to see so many people coming out to celebrate Collins, but was very upset to know that at least some of the people accused in his son’s death were not strangers.

“Someone shot my child with a gun, someone he knew, someone who went to our house and spent the night, brought daylight in front of the county building to eat my food and shoot my child, – I do not know,” she said.

During the vigil Briggs shared that his son enjoys playing music, playing basketball and spending time with his family and friends. She says that even though he is not perfect, sometimes he is kind and caring for his family.

Earlier on Friday, police announced the arrest of a second man in connection with what they call a “pre-planned and pre-planned incident.”

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No charges were officially filed in court against any of the accused until Friday afternoon. Police They were taken into custody minutes after the shooting Near the intersection of John Nolen Drive and Rimrock Road. Initially the police described them as interested people.

The Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office did not confirm the victim’s name or provide further details about his death.

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