Jordan Poole of the Warriors is not surprisingly the finalist of the most advanced players.

Less than 24 hours after Jordan Poole showed the world how good he was, he was dropped for an award that many thought he should win.

The NBA announced the finalists for six of its top awards on Sunday and there is no pool among those being considered for the Most Enhanced Player Trophy.

Instead, three other young defenders – Darius Garland, Ja Morant and Dejounte Murray – were nominated as finalists for the award.

Entered into the starting lineup to start the 2021-22 season, Clay Thompson returned from a 31-month absence and has grown into an invaluable member of the pool rotation.

After averaging 12.0 points in 51 games last season, Poole has pushed that average to 18.5 this season, filling the void left until Thompson returns on January 9th. On March 16, when Steph Curry’s left leg sprained, the pool re-entered the starting lineup. Went up in an even bigger way.

From March 16 until the final game of the Warriors season on April 10, Pool averaged 26.0 points in 13 games. He scored 42.7 percent off the field during that period and 38.2 percent beyond the 3-point mark.

In his first NBA play-off, Pool scored the game’s top scorer to lead the Warriors to victory over the Denver Nuggets in Game 1 of their first round match on Saturday night. The 22-year-old defender stole the show, even though Thompson played well and was back in line after a month-long absence.

Pool’s performance against the Nuggets is so good that the Warriors will have to make a tough decision to move him to the second unit as Curry prepares to return to the starting line – up.

Pool had many endorsements for the Most Enhanced Athlete Award, some inside the Warriors building and some outside.

“This award is called ‘the most improved’, not who won the best year, it’s actually the MVP award,” Drummond Green told reporters in early April. “Most of the time, we confuse it … Ja Moran has no disrespect, but Ja Morant is an MVP candidate. Ja Morant is not a ‘more advanced player’ candidate. Ja Morant was an incredible f-king last year.

“Looking around, the most advanced is the Jordan Pool, not to mention that. You go through the list and you show me what those people did last year and the year before, and you show me what Jordan did last year and the year before, he’s the most advanced. If we go by what the title of the award is, what the name of the award is, it is easily Jordan.

Although he’s guaranteed Memphis Grizzlies teammate Desmond Bane instead, Morant does not believe he should be the most advanced player finalist.

Former Kingsguard Tyrese Haliburton tweeted that he was not sure who should win the Defensive Player of the Year or Newcomer of the Year, but that Pool had his vote for the most advanced player.

Despite the snub, there is a benefit to not being a pool MIP finalist.

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Curry, Thompson, and Greene all used those who despised them as an incentive to be good and to prove that everyone was wrong.

Poole’s faith and work ethic are well known. Now there is something else that motivates him to get better. If he uses this correctly, he will be in the conversation for MVP at this point in the next few years, depending on the speed at which he is developing.

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