Mass shootings in South Carolina: 9 people shot dead in Furman’s showroom, police say

“SLED agents are investigating the shooting today at Cara’s Lounge in Hampton County, where at least nine people were shot,” SLED said in a press release. “There are no fatalities at the moment.”

CNN subsidiary WTOC-TV announced that an Easter party was taking place in the lounge when shots rang out. There were people in and outside the lobby when the shooting started and some even had to jump into nearby ditches to avoid being hit, reports the WTOC.

“It was terrifying. We were just trying to get to safety, ”Jasasi Williams told WTOC. “We didn’t know where the shots were coming from. So we just ran to try to get somewhere safe and then we fell down and just tried to get out because everyone was running and screaming. ”

The Hampton County Sheriff’s Office has asked SLED to investigate the shooting, according to SLED, and additional information will be disclosed as it becomes available.

Carter is located approximately 50 miles north of Savannah, Georgia.

There have been two shootings in South Carolina this weekend, with no fatalities in either incident since Sunday afternoon. The second mass shooting took place at the Columbiana Center mall in Colombia. Fourteen people were injured in this shooting, and one person was arrested.
Another shooting took place in Pittsburgh early on Sunday, in which two people were killed and several others injured at a large party.
All three shootings also follow the scourge of gun violence plaguing the United States in the past few weeks. There have been over 130 mass shootings so far this year, according to the Archives on Firearms Violence.

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