Michigan’s spring weather is in sight, when we’ll feel it

It certainly did not feel like much spring until today this spring. While we do not see an aggressive weather pattern change to constant spring weather, there is some hope on the horizon.

We have had four days last week that were at least 10 degrees colder than normal. Temperatures will remain cooler than average over the weekend and early next week.

Then we start to make the next jump to spring-like temperatures.

The low-level atmospheric temperatures are a good way to see if spring is taking hold.

Here is the forecast temperature anomaly for the next 10 days. When you see orange or red, this means that it will also be warmer here at Earth.

We will get a milder stain air next week. A glimpse of cool weather, not cold, will pass through Michigan late next week. Finally, towards the end of the forecast, more well above normal temperature patterns will develop.

Temperature anomaly forecast for 5,000 feet up in the atmosphere from Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 10

Below is the surface temperature forecast from today until April 10. If you just stare at the forecast animation, you will notice more time spent in warmer than normal than spent in colder than normal temperatures.


Surface temperature anomalous forecast from Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 10

What does this mean at actual temperatures at the end of the forecast?


High temperature forecast for Sunday, April 10, 2022

We still need to have patience, but the slow warm-up next week may take us occasionally in the 60s until April 10th.

You may not think spring will ever come to Michigan, with the latest weather and today’s weather. Do not worry. The forecast data show true spring weather with temperatures more commonly in the 60s is only two weeks away.

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