Milana Vayntrub to Star in the Official Squirrel Girl Podcast

Melana Weinterbaugh

Melana Weinterbaugh
Photo: Fraser Harrison / Getty Images for the Comedy Center

Marvel Studios has traditionally been good at casting, which is why Disney was able to pull off a lot of Marvel Cinema Universe’s appeal over Robert Stoney Jr.’s Tony Stark, but the decision of a casting is so good. is the. He crossed the fact that to make every effort do something Much has been separated with it. We’re talking about Milana Venturab as Dorian Green, aka The Unbelievable Squirrel Girl, the star of One of the best books of Marvel’s decade.

Vayntrub was initially fired for A. New fighters On the TV show FreeformKilling Anna Kendrick and Shawn Purser (both of which are good), but when she was a kid, she was able to put her hands on the character for a series. Marvel Rise Dynamic plansGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Now, with Squirrel Girl not yet making her official debut at MCU, Variety of varieties Says Marvel is taking Vayntrub to an officer for SiriusXM Cloud girl Podcast

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: Unbelievable radio show Launched today on various platforms, and it shows Vayntrub’s Squirrel Girl is hosting a mentorship show from Empire State University’s campus (where Spider-Man went to school!) Under her friend Nancy White (Crystal Lucas Perry). No Boy (with Leo Sheng), Chipmunk Hunk (Davied Morales), Tippy T. Squirrel (Erica Schroeder), Rachel Oskar (Tina Benko), and Brain Drain (Peter Hermann). Cloud girl Fans will recognize this stupid friend group on the run by writer Ryan North Cloud girl Comedy (which Talk to him AV Club About Back in the day)And he’s coming back to write this podcast as well.

For those who don’t know Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (how do you kid), Little Green is a superhero that has all the power of the gallery, the ability to talk to the gallery, and the knack for hitting and kicking knots. He has legitimately defeated Thanos and Dr. Dom and the Galactos, mostly just for being a good person and a good friend, and now he has a podcast. You can watch a trailer for it below, featuring a cameo the other Great Marvel character (Don’t get too excited, it’s a donkey):

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