Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodlines anime is coming out in 2022

Netflix has announced an additional title for its swinging library of original anime series. It plans to release Tekken: The blood line Late this year and the series debuted with a one and a half minute “official teaser” trailer. There is no exact date or mention of episode count, but the summary does indicate that it will focus on Jin Kazama, who joined the series as a character. Tech 3General Chat Chat Lounge

Unlike other sports franchises of the 90s selling more than 50 million copies, the Tech Series has made only a few attempts to translate the story for movies or TV. These efforts managed to include a completely forgotten 2010 live-action flick which is most notable for being one of 43 films on Rotten Tomatoes based on critics’ reviews to get a zero percent rating. On one occasion, Katsuhiro Harada, the producer / director of TechGames, tweeted that it was scary, saying, “We weren’t able to watch the movie; it was a cruel contract. I’m not interested in the movie. General Chat Chat Lounge

Things can improve around this adaptation, such as the cord Invited fans to watch the new trailerGeneral Chat Chat Lounge If it follows sports, the show will feature The King of Iron Fist Fighting Tournament, which includes controlling a powerful corporation as its reward, the Mishima family’s struggle for international power that drives corporations and tournaments, and The supernatural powers / corruption of the devil’s gene mutation were shared by Heihachi Mishima (who also appears in the trailer), his son Kazuya Mishima, and Kazuya’s son Jin Kazama.

His mother, Jon Kazama, also had a role in the game, and the trailer appears to show him his training when he is attacked by another boss from the game, the monster Ogri. These events lead to her entering the tournament packed with familiar faces – faces that may or may not be wearing a Jaguar mask – and the flashes during the trailer reveal at least some of the characters we expect to appear. We can

Tekken: The blood line
Image: Netflix

“Power is everything.” Jin Kazama taught Family Self-Defense Arts, Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts From His Mother To A Little Girl. However, he was powerless when suddenly a devilish evil appeared, his love destroying everything, his life changed forever. Angry at themselves for not being able to stop it, who promised revenge and demanded absolute power to correct it. His quest will lead to the ultimate war on a world stage – the King of Iron Clay Tournament.

Even after failing to deliver a live-action Crazy Bebop Given that it is worth a second season, Netflix will continue to focus on creating anime and games for new content. Its League of Legends-Based anime series Arcane Get a rave review here (though it does) Dota 2– Linked anime Blood of the dragon Did not), however The magician The live-action TV show has earned enough to earn a third season, another anime movie, and an upcoming children’s show. A live-action adaptation of one piece Launched production earlier this year, and Netflix also has anime adaptation Scott Pilgrim And the Terminator Series in the works.

To show: Bank Is currently producing a series with Netflix.

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