NFL insider: The Eagles believe Jalan hurts the answer, and Bruce Arians leaves on his terms

One has to be careful and diligent, especially when it comes to putting too much stock into what is being said in this year’s press conference settings. But during his press conference at the final NFL owners’ meetings, the Eagles spent some time around coach Nick Syriani, convincing me that he’s all waiting to see if John Hertz could be the team’s long-term solution at quarterback.

It was already a great holiday season for the Eagles. They were loaded with three choices in the first round and the uber-aggressive front office, led by General Manager Howie Roseman, was not really involved in any of the QB pursuits that dominated the league this offseason. Deshaun Watson never played because of the massive sexual harassment or misconduct allegations against him and was not considered a significant promotion by many others. In general, the shock around the team – who as Syrian’s new coach – led a dangerous defensive line and leading race to a stunning playing field during his new season – hurts this 2022 year to make it as successful as possible, and then weigh their options if necessary.

“I can not be more upset about Jalen Hertz,” said Syriani, stunned but extremely honest, “what kind of player he is and what kind he is. He knows he’s our man and we’ll show him that day by day.

Pretty strong stuff.

The best thing I can always say from looking around is that they tended to be young quartets, to add talent, and to appreciate him for a long journey by the end of this season. It seems that it will be so. He’s not the most traditional quarterback, but he’s run and dedicated and his teammates love him and his leadership and love of the game shines through. If it does not work, for whatever reason, the 2023 quarter draft class is already getting good reviews. But as this coaching staff continues to learn about him and make him the best place to shine, I certainly do not deny that Hertz has shown enough promise to stay.

Arians went out on his terms

Congratulations to former Bucs coach Bruce Arian on his transition to take on a less stressful and in demand front office role this week. The Arians overcame significant health challenges and returned to the team, taking a break from his unique and prestigious coaching career with Tom Brady’s first year Lombardi trophy with the team.

Going into that Super Bowl after the 2020 season, it was a strong secret that among the coaching fraternities who know Arians best, he may decide to take over as defense coordinator Todd Bowles at some point before 2021. Few would be surprised if BA decided to move on to a new role. He finished trying to win trophies in a row before announcing his decision to his players and the world on Wednesday night.

The Bucs hold the helm with Bowles – it’s a shame he was not recruited as head coach in the last few years, honestly – Byron Leftwich and Brady are still at fault. Arians’ indelible mark is on the coaching staff and the style of play throughout. I do not expect a ton to change, Arians is now free to enjoy his afternoon more fully, but is still firmly in the team facility. A coach who enjoys life to the fullest and knows how to have a good time will now have more time for it.

The Glaser family can expect nothing more than his tenure. The Bucs remain one of the leading teams in the NFC. Brody will, most likely, compete for another MVP. Arians could end up in another ring anyway.

Arthur Smith expects Brody to return

At least one of Buchanan’s NFC South foes never believed they had a chance to face that team without Tom Brody. Falcons coach Arthur Smith has been adamant that GOAT is not going anywhere – no matter how much it’s said on social media about retiring.

Smith followed this approach to NFL scout integration – when Brody traveled with his family and Bucks evaluated the potential quarterbacks of the draft and his replacement as free agent and trade options – he says he never wavered. His olfactory test never passed. He knew Brody was coming back (mostly to the chagrin of the rest of the NFC).

“I never thought he’d retire,” Smith said. “He was playing at a high level. He’s playing in the league as well as Tom. I think I said that in combination.”

So the Falcons, at least, never thought of a project for the 2022 season without Brady. And, as someone who appreciates the highest level of quarterback sport, Smith said that while Brady still produces at such an elite level, he thinks it is in everyone’s best not to leave the sport.

“You want to compete with the best,” Smith said. “The best players you need are out there. It’s good for the game.”

Agree, but be mindful of what you like. Tampa is going to get that top seed ahead of it, and will be able to pile up victories against the rest of the sector. Maybe not with Kyle Trask; Definitely with Brody.

McVay sees the dolphins’ fault under McDaniel

The Sean McVay / Kyle Shanahan Coaching Family Tree is sprouting new roots as former collaborators rapidly join the ranks of leading trainers. I’m very impressed with every meeting I’ve had with new Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell, who has a chance to win an NFC right away, and face one of the most dangerous challenges in the AFC loaded with Mike McDaniel. , I really like the additions made by Dolphins and hope they improve soon.

McDaniel has spent most of his career under Shanahan but has worked in Washington since the beginning of his career with McVay and Shanahan, looking at what Super Bowl-winning head coach Miami has done so far (especially instantly energizing a long neutral run). Movements (game) very close.

“It has a real clear vision,” McVay said of the steps Miami has taken to improve the offensive line and add top speed across the skill spot teams. He cares about the dolphin fault that will transform in 2022.

“It would be nice to see how the Dolphins’ fault works with him, ”McVeigh said.

More internal notes

  • Kirk Cousins ​​will be a fantasy football monster this season. The Vikings have plenty of key pieces regarding attack, improving the offensive line, and can be a pair that has made a formidable defense in defense. It’s more than just a good starting point for that conference. Former coach Mike Zimmer has been insulted in that building, and Kevin O’Connell’s energetic and overwhelmingly positive mentality will have a huge impact on it. And, again, unlike most NFCs, they have players. “It doesn’t matter if there are some really good pieces,” O’Connell said. I look like a playoff team.
  • It was another turbulent period for the Washington commanders, who continued to close their voting power with off-field issues and ugly allegations against owner Daniel Snyder. It was not easy to convince the top performers in the open market to come to this long-term inactive team – even under the new management – and long before Snyder deleted other offers for free agents to come there. “We’re trying to make people understand, why not come to us?” Coach Ron Rivera said. “We have a strong attack line, a 1,000-yard back, 1,000-yard wide receiver. We’re trying to make people realize that there’s a chance of success here.” Leading subscriber Terry McClory will eventually have to be re-hired to attract others there, and the challenge has intensified as subscribers’ salaries have skyrocketed this month. This discussion is huge for the organization.
  • The Steelers clearly do not have an armed quarter to compete with the abundance of convertible QBs piled up in AFC. But, by the way, coach Mike Tomlin is not blind. “I like the challenge, to be a little more honest with you,” Tomlin said. “It makes this game great.”
  • New Giants coach Brian Dabol was amazed when he talked about the humanitarian aspect of his sport, the care he put into placing himself among the young players in the sport, and his evolution as a leader from his training time in Alabama. For all X and O, Daboll believes that “sensitivity” is as important as any training feature. The giants have finally found the person to take them out of the mess.

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