Nikola Jokic first scores 2K, 1K rebounds, 500 support; Denver takes the Nuggets to the play-off spot

DENVER – Nicola Joachim’s Denver Nuggets advanced to the fourth play – offs with a 122-109 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on a historic night.

Jockey became the first player in NBA history to score 2,000 points, 1,000 appearances and 500 assists in a season. He had 35 points, 16 comebacks, six assists and five thefts on Thursday evening.

“Machan is really good at basketball,” said teammate Bones Highland.

The jockey’s big trip came after Jaren Jackson Jr.’s right forearm and temple with a careless elbow. Blood was drawn In the opening minute.

After having to retreat to the bench twice to stop the bleeding, the jockey wore a red hat for the rest of the game as it helped Nuggets (48-33) win a shaky start to avoid a single blow to Grizlis’ hand.

“MVP is not even a competition,” Nuggets coach Michael Malone later said. “There are other great players. I’m not saying they’re not great players, but what Nicola Jokic has done this year – with this team, all we have had to go through – is incredible.

“He was good last year, he’s even better this year.”

Despite the disappearance of stars Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr., the Nuggets finished top-six at the Western Conference Tournament and missed out on playing in all four teams due to another outstanding performance in the ruling MVP.

With a win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night and two defeats from the Utah Jazz (48-32), which ends with the Phoenix Suns and the Portland Trail Blazers, they can still win the Northwest. Denver’s victory also locked the Minnesota Timberwolves into the game.

Aaron Gordon added 22 points for the Nuggets.

Desmond Bane scored 14 points for the Greaselees, who were recovering from an overtime defeat in Utah on Wednesday night after having already won the first division title in their history with a second-place finish in the West.

“I think we even played good basketball against Utah the other night. Tonight, we didn’t have it,” said Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins.

The biggest reason is the joke.

“We threw a lot at him,” Jenkins said. “He’s an MVP for a reason. He’s almost impossible to defend. He’s going to attack you, playing inside, out.

Grislis hopes to reclaim All-Star guard Ja Morant from a right knee injury on March 18.

Malone said he was worried after seeing the jockey shed blood at such a crucial game for Denver.

“My first thought was Steve Nash of that playoffs and they could not stop the bleeding,” Marlon said. “And I’m going to say, ‘Of all the sports, Nicola gets a very harmless elbow, a careless elbow to the head, he’s bleeding.’

“I say ‘not tonight’.”

Malone said he urges his coaches to do everything possible to stop the flow of blood.

“Like, get a lead gun out of here,” Marlon said. “It finally stopped and Nicola put on another MVP performance.”

The jockey, however, said he was not wearing a headband. He hands over the look to LeBron James.

“No, I’m so beautiful,” the jockey said. “I can not let you see me twice.”

The jockey agreed that he had a better season than last year, but said he had 20 superstars in the league and would not be vying for another MVP award.

“It simply came to our notice then. “No, you can not control it.”

The jockey received a sports ball from the Nuggets as a souvenir of his historic night, but he joked that coaches would sell his blood – soaked headband on eBay.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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