Saudi Arabia says Yemeni rebels are targeting their energy facilities Business news

ISABEL DEBRE, Associated Press

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Yemen Houthi insurgents launched a series of drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia early Sunday morning, targeting a liquefied natural gas plant, a desalination plant, an oil plant and a power plant, Saudi Arab media reported. .

The attacks did not claim casualties, a Saudi-led military coalition fighting in Yemen said, but damaged civilian vehicles and homes in the area. The salvo marked the latest escalation of Houthi’s cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia, as peace talks remain suspended and the conflict that has destroyed much of Yemen since 2015 is raging.

Yehia Sarie, a spokesman for Iranian-backed Yemeni insurgents, said the group had launched a “large-scale, large-scale military operation into the depths of Saudi Arabia” without specifying immediately.

The military coalition said it had thwarted an attack on a liquefied gas power plant at a petrochemical complex in the Red Sea port of Yanbu, operated by Saudi Arabian Oil Co., better known as Aramco. It was not immediately clear whether the attack had caused any damage to the plant.

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Other airstrikes targeted a power plant in the southwest of the country, a desalination plant in Al-Shaqeeq on the Red Sea coast, the Aramco terminal in the southern border town of Jizan and a gas station in the southern town of Khamis Mushait, the coalition said. .

The extent of the damage was unclear. The official Saudi news agency published various photographs of fire engines extinguishing flames with water hoses, as well as destroyed cars and craters in the country, which were allegedly left by a series of drone and ballistic missile attacks.

The barrage came after the Saudi-based Gulf Cooperation Council invited Yemen’s warring parties to talks in Riyadh to end the war – the offer was immediately rejected by the Husians, who demanded that the talks take place in a “neutral” country.

Since the Husseini attempted to conquer the oil-rich Marib, one of the last remaining strongholds of the Yemeni government backed by Saudi Arabia in the north of the country, peace talks have failed.

A brutal war in Yemen erupted in 2015 after Iranian-backed Shiite Husseins seized the country’s capital, Sana’a, and much of the north. Saudi Arabia, fearing an Iranian presence on its borders, and other Arab states have launched a devastating air campaign to oust the Hussi and restore an internationally recognized government.

The conflict has reached a bloody stalemate, with Saudi Arabia and its allies trying to reverse developments. The Saudi-led coalition raids decimated infrastructure and hit civilian targets in Yemen, such as hospitals and wedding receptions, sparking widespread international criticism.

The ongoing war has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, with a recent UN report estimating that hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions have been displaced.

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