Shaheen will not be spending much time with Holloway St. Peters

Indianapolis – Enjoy him while he’s still here.

In other words: enjoy him for next week, maybe two.

That should be the mantra for St. Peter’s regarding its head coach Shaheen Holloway.

Because of his work in St. Peter’s, he was a burning commodity in the community of college basketball coaches entering this NCAA tournament.

He then went on to overtake Kentucky coach John Calipari on Thursday, causing an intriguing disturbance to his 15th-grader Peacock’s second-ranked wildcats.

Now look at what he’s gone through: Saint Peter’s, who did not win an NCAA tournament in pre – Thursday school history, has Holloway after losing 70-60 No. 7-Series Murray County on Saturday night in Sweet 16. .

Sweet nonsense16.

Now Holloway is a hot commodity, perhaps the most important training story in college basketball right now.

Shaheen Holloway advises Matthew Lee on St. Peters' 70-60 win over Murray County.
Shaheen Holloway advises Matthew Lee on St. Peters’ 70-60 win over Murray County.
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It now appears that St. Peters will not be able to keep him in Jersey for a fifth year.

Considering the comments made by Seaton Hall coach Kevin Willard after the pirates smoked TCU during their first round match in San Diego on Friday night, Willard seems to have at least one good chance to go to Maryland or more than one hollow. His successor was South Orange, N.J.

“If I’m not here next year, I wish Shaheen was here on Hollow,” Willard told reporters. “That’s the happiest thing I’ve ever had.”

Willard is Holloway’s mentor, who played at Seton Hall from 1996-200, and worked with both Iona and Seton Hall’s pirate trainers.

Current Seton Hall Athletics Director Brian Felt will be performing at St. Peter’s in 2018. He hired Holloway to run its program and they are close by.

“Shaheen, he did an incredible job,” Felt told Asbury Park Press recently. “When I hired him, I knew what he could do and what he should do [at Saint Peter’s] It’s amazing that you can see progress every year for four years.

You do not have to be a world-class Wordle expert or Rubik’s Cube savant to realize that there are not a lot of dots to connect here.

Shaheen Holloway
Shaheen Holloway

Sources told The Post’s Zach Braziller that Holloway to Seton Hall is as good a deal as Willard’s every time he leaves. I spent some time with family and friends of some of the St. Peter’s players before Saturday’s races, and they talked about not expecting Holloway to still train Peacock after this race.

That was before Peacock Murray State was defeated.

At least on Friday night, his future at Willard Seton Hall was unclear.

“I’ll give you exactly what I can tell you,” he said. “I have an agent who has not spoken to me yet. I do not know who he is talking to, I have no idea at all. But when I get home [Saturday]I will talk to my agent and discuss things with my agent.

Before the match against Kentucky, Holloway told The Post that he was not thinking of a job other than Seaton Hall or St. Peter’s.

“I don’t think about things like that,” Holloway said. “Everything that happens is going to happen. He will take care of those things himself. So far, my focus has been on trying to be the best coach I can be at St. Peter’s Ground with these young men looking at me as I train as I try to find a way to upset them. [Thursday] Night. ”

Well, not only did Holloway find a way to get excited on Thursday night, he also learned the most efficient calipers in the process.

He then chased down a Murray County team that came into the game with the nation’s best record (31-2) and was on a winning streak of 21 games.

Holloway is a combination of a humble coach who is confident in what he does and who cares deeply about his players.

Confident Holloway: “We came here for a mission,” he said Friday. “We said we’re leaving on Sunday with two wins.”

Humble Holloway: “This is about the players,” he said after the win against Kentucky. “These guys always put up with my nonsense in practice. I’m proud of them and very happy with them because these are times when people can not stay away from them. This group came and broke into the largest school in the country. They will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully, his peacocks will lovingly take care of every remaining moment with their coach, because if Willard leaves Seaton Hall, not recruiting Holloway to replace him will be a bigger upset than the two St. Peter’s written this week.

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