‘SNL’ hits Will Smith, slip in Chris Rock Oscar sketch, ‘Weekly Update’

The “Shattered Night Live” pigeon first enters the week-long controversy about Will Smith, discovering how the “Fresh Prince” turned into a different person Sunday night when he suddenly rose to the stage and was a comedian at the Oscar Awards. Chris Rock punches him in the face. In a joke about his wife.

In a smash hit at the Oscars, host Jerrod Carmichael plays a seat filler who gets a chance to meet one of his heroes, Will Smith, played by Chris Reid. The two start an innocent, friendly conversation, and Fuller asks Smith for a selfie when suddenly an audio of Chris Rock’s “GI Gen 2” joke comes out about Smith’s bald wife playing.

“Hey, I’ll be back,” Smith says, before a big “scare” sound comes out of the frame, surprises Carmichael before he returns to his seat and talks. To continue as if nothing had happened.

Smith stops the conversation by now shouting in disgrace “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth! He smiles and says “Man, I love the Oscar award, man,” to the filler, before he can cry again.

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Chris Red played Will Smith in Sketch.
YouTube / Saturday Night Live

The second set filler, Kyle Mooney, then stands up after a trip to the bathroom, wiping the tape.

“Oh my God, we’re in front of Will Smith. I had to twit it Wow, and he’s on trend, “he says, grabbing his phone and watching the clip apparently.” God, “he says with astonishment.

Smith tries to introduce himself and keep the conversation comfortable but both fillers are clearly from the actor.

“Richard Williams was a staunch supporter of his family,” Smith cried suddenly, referring to the role he played, which won him an Oscar for Best Actor. “I’m going to say this in my speech, man,” he sings to those filling the seat.

At the Oscars 2022
Sketch joked in the array of feelings for Smith on Oscar night.
YouTube / Saturday Night Live

In his inaugural Monologue, Carmichael, a stand-up comedian, joked about how the controversy around tapping is everywhere.

“Isn’t that crazy – it feels like we’ve been talking about it for a long time,” he said. “This is going to hurt your mind – can you believe it’s been six days? It happened a week ago. Does it not feel like it was years ago? Doesn’t it feel like it happened when we were all in high school?

“It happened on Sunday. It’s Saturday, brother. “

“By Wednesday, I want to kill myself,” he joked.

Jerrod Carmichael Hosting SNL
The monologue of Jerrod Carmichael was joke about slapstick watching around the world.
YouTube / Saturday Night Live

“But Friday, I promised myself I would never talk about it. So Lauren came into my dressing room. She was like, ‘I guess you need to talk about it.’ “The nation needs to heal,” he said to laugh from the crowd.

Michael Chee and Cullen Jost’s Weekend Update couldn’t help but be funny – the so-called spectacle ‘Around the World,’ spent about five minutes part of their time on the event.

Jost, who is married to actress Scarlett Johansson, who has been nominated for two Academy Awards, jokingly said that impersonation can have personal effects.

At the Oscars 2022
“Weekly Update” compares host Cullen Jost to the Oscars’ madness with performances of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.
YouTube / Saturday Night Live

“Will Smith, for those of you who don’t know, took to the stage during the Academy Awards and kissed Chris Rock when he joked about Jake Pinkett Smith, which in my opinion was a humorous act, setting a terrific precedent. Doing. Defend Your Wife at the Awards Shows, “he said.

“I think we just have to admit that this is one of the crazy things we will ever see in our lives. It’s really like a spoof of a Super Bowl wardrobe, but if Janet’s nipple hits Timberlake, “Joist joked.

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