‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ Race Shows $ 6.25M In View – Deadline

Updated: Of Paramount Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Earn $ 6.25M in views from Wednesday’s fan screenings and Thursday’s showtimes that begin at 3 PM. The movie is expected to earn $ 50 million north this weekend. Universal / Effort Content Ambulances At $ 700K last night, $ 700K isn’t looking very good which started at 7PM.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2Thursday was $ 5M, 66% more than the $ 20M movie preview of the first 2020 movie, which debuted at 5PM. The film opened for a $ 20.9M opening day, of which views accounted for only 14%, and the $ 58M 3-day, $ 70M four-day weekend before being finalized at $ 148.9M. The footage of the film was really impressive, with the onset of the outbreak and closing in the country.

With respect to Ambulances The good news is that this is more than double the preview number of the previous action shots from Universal. 355 That’s $ 350K at 2,300 theaters that started at 7PM on Thursday. Here with the irony Ambulances This is the most revised film of director Michael B.’s career, linked to Rock Which was also 68% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and the movie doesn’t make it in double digits at its opening. The logical question is why it was not sent Moore, day and date. I understand that Universal wants to be in the BBB business, and here’s a negative back-up from Endeavor Content, which financed Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza González for an estimated $ 40M. The only thing missing for Universal is the fact that the movie was cheap. After the destruction of the image in the $ 20M Foreign Box Office 59 area, Yun is already dealing with the fact that this vehicle has been gone.

Releases in regular movies, Sony’s Morbius Do $ 1.3M yesterday with an estimated $ 46.9M over the weekend. The movie is expected to drop 65% over the weekend given its gender nature. Of Paramount The lost city $ 1.1M, -8% from Wednesday, $ 19.9M for the second week and $ 59.7M for the two weeks. Warner Brothers. Batman Cue $ 745K, -7% off its fifth week with $ 14.3M Wednesday, and a total of $ 352.5M. Sony’s Unknown Make $ 303K on your 7th Thursday for the week ending $ 5M and running $ 140.3M total.

Michelle Yew (center) in ‘Everything Everything All At Once’

Meanwhile, the A24’s Everything at the same time, everywhere Small engine that can be. The film earned $ 113K in its current 38 weeks 2 venues, and another $ 530K preview ($ 643K all Thursday), expanding its movie theater run to $ 2.8M. This is a very promising result for particular cinema.

25th Anniversary of the Jennifer Lopez Movie Silina From Iconic yesterday at No. 5 in 308 locations with an estimated $ 216K, we don. This is not just a one-night event, but will continue into next week.

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