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Northeast Ohio’s on-again-off-off spring weather is the only thing that keeps our local reservoirs from hosting a huge horde of anglers who are excited to begin their 2022 fishing season.

The time for teasing us is over. The week ahead looks like we will experience highs in the 50s and low 60s, which are trending in the right direction. But the truth is better to wait until snow flares will subside and the mercury to scratch 70 before hauling the course for wallets, crappies and bass.

After several days of cool, rainy weather will only intensify the eagerness of the thousands of us who are ready to get after it. When the time is right, the lakes will be crowded. Here’s a look at what we can expect:

Lake Erie again is forecast as the place to be for valleys, yellow perch and small mouth bass, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Erie’s daily Valley Limit is six fish per angler. They must be 15 inches or more. The fishery is expected to be outstanding again this spring and summer.

The best perch fishing on Lake Arie will be in the western waters of Huron to Toledo. Ohio fisheries managers predict good fishing July-August and again in October and November.

In the central and eastern Arie waters, perch fishing again is predicted to be slow due to poor to moderate hatch in recent years.

Erie considers as one of the best fisheries of the United States Kleinmouth bass. Anglers are reminded the bass spanning period from May 1st until June 24 limits anglers to possess only one bass and it must be over 18 inches long. Now until April 30 and again starting June 24, Erie’s bass limit is five per angler, measuring 14 inches or more.

Inland reservoirs will also offer good fishing in 2022, with mosquitoes and pimping leading the charge for Wally Angler. Both lakes are also expected to be productive for Crab Angler, along with Milton, Berlin and Shenango Reservoir in western Pennsylvania.

Milton will be a good place to try for Little Mouth Bass when we move in late April, May and early June. The main lake shorelines will give a lot of fish in the 11-13-inch class, with slightly larger bass too. Smolies three point and heftier typically lurk around offshore ledges and rock piles.

Berlin looks again as a good place for Kleinmouth bass, especially around the rocky structure downstream from the Ohio 14 bridge to the dam. Largemouth bass will begin to improve in late May and be steady (but not spectacular) over the summer.

The best fishing in Grandmouth in the area will be in mosquito, pimping and shenango. The prolific weed beds in mosquito and pimping will get the attention of the bass anglers, while they will focus in shenango on the stumps and many trees that have tapped into the reservoir over the years.

For large fish with rotten teeth and voracious appetites, anglers go to western brunch and pimping for 20-pound-plus muskies and to mosquitoes for its abundant 3-foot-long northern pike.

All in all, 2022 should be another fun year for local anglers. Now if only the weather would cooperate, we could start the party.

Jack Wallitz’s book, “The Common Angler,” Dives into the highs and lows that combine to make fishing a passion for so many people. He likes emails from readers. Send a message to jackbbaass@gmail.com.

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