Summary of the weather of March 2022 – forecast for April

March was wet and a touch warmer than average in western Michigan. Grand Rapids was 1/2-degree warmer than average. This is after February which was 2.0 ° cooler than average and January which was 4.6 ° cooler than average. The first quarter of 2022 was 2.0 ° cooler than average. The coldest temperature. The month was 12 ° the 12th and the warmest was 67 ° five days later the 17th.

Grand Rapids has 3.5 inches of precipitation. This was 1.11 ″ higher average. The largest 24-hour rainfall was 1.41 ″ on the 30/31. GR recorded 6.0 ″ snow, which was 1.6 ″ below average. We had measurable snow on 9 days, with the most 2.4 ″ on the 7. There were four other days with a trace of snow.

It was a relatively windy month, with an average wind speed of 11 mph. We have 16 days during the month with gusts of 30 mph or higher, with the peak guest of 62 mph on the 6. We have two days when there was lightning and / or thunder. There were two severe weather reports in Michigan during March. Both took place on the evening / night of 5/6 March. Some side was ripped from a house near Bertrand in S. Berrien Co. with a visitor measured at 61 mph. A large tree is topped in Shepherd in Isabella County. These are the only two severe weather reports in Michigan since last December 11th.

We have only 29% of possible sunlight, cloudier than average after a sunny than average meteorological winter from December 1st to February 28th.

Some records for March – the warmest day ever was a high of 87 ° on 3/21/2012 (the year the blossoms came out too soon and got frosted out). The coldest March temperature. Was -13 on 8/3/1943. The snowiest March was 36.0 ″ in 1965 (a very cold and snowy March, followed by the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 4/11/1965). The wettest March was 5.77 ″ in 1948 and the boldest was 0.08. In 1910 (another year when it was warm early, the blossoms came out too soon and then were later frozen from the trees – so no fruit crop.

The image. Above is the Modis satellite image from March 19th. The landscape is brown (no snow on the ground). It would look a touch greener today across’s. Lower Michigan than the grass has become a little greener.

European 30-day forecast

The European 30-day forecast is for temperatures slightly cooler than average in the Great Lakes. This looks pretty good. You can see the building heat (and continued dry conditions with a high fire danger) from Texas up in western Kansas. Much of the West is cooler than average, but it’s. California and Arizona remain warm. It should be an overall warm, sunny month for much of Florida.

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