The Dustin Booth family filed a false death claim after the shooting

Monroe police officers who shot and killed a man in December said Wednesday that they would file a federal false death claim, according to their attorney, after the man announced Wednesday that he would not be charged.

Dustin Booth, 34, who was killed during a traffic stop near New Garver Road and Lebanon Street on February 11, called 911 to report that his wife was suffering from a mental health problem.

Prosecutors and family counsel agree that Booth was involved in a series of psychological events. They said Booth had several contacts with police in the month before the shooting.

Lawyer Konrad Kircher, who represents the family, argued that Booth knew the police about what was happening and that he was armed. Instead of finding a way to help him, he said the police decided to start a violent confrontation after Booth devised a plan with a friend to get him out of his home.

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