The family who lost their daughter in the accident called for transparency

Richmond, Wah. – Eight days after the death of a Henrico police officer in an accident, two Richmond officers killed a 19-year-old girl and wounded her 18-year-old driver in an accident.

The family of 19-year-old Tracy Williams is now calling for transparency in the crash investigation.

Tracy Williams, 19, was killed in an accident at the intersection of Bells Road and Castlewood Road on Thursday night, according to Richmond police. Buick, who was with two police cruisers and Williams and her 18-year-old boyfriend Jeremiah Raffin, was behind the wheel in the crash.

Their parents said they were delivering for the door dash. Rafin is fighting for his life. Although the two officers were stable, the situation was toxic.

Flowers and police tape still have a crash scene.

Mother Tiara Williams is plagued by heartbreak and the terrible fear of losing a child.

“I do not know what I would do without her.”

Williams said she was heartbroken when Tracy’s best friend called her and told her she had not heard from Tracy. She says Tracy doesn’t like not picking up the phone for her best friend.

“That kind of panicked me, then I heard about the story about the crash and put the two and the two together. Then I knew it was a crash, ”she said.

Police Chief Gerald Smith said authorities led to a Code One theft during a progress call. He said they had the power to drive the blue lights and siren.

“Right now we believe they may have, but we’m not sure if their blue lights and sirens are on them, we have some evidence that they have the power,” the chief said.

That statement is why the family calls for transparency. They want to see any dashcam or body cam. They told CBS6 they were struggling to understand how they could not see them. We called the police for answers and no one said they were taken.

“How can you leave a mother without such information?”

The RPD did not respond to a request made by CBS6 on Friday night for comment. Police said at a meeting Friday morning that they were investigating the incident.

They do not even know which vehicle has the green light and which has the red light. Now a family is suffering the tragic loss of a young man because they are trying to understand things with few answers.

“She is kind, loving, and everyone she knows loves her. She’s sweet, she has no beef with anyone, ”Williams said. “She’s my heart, I lost her. I do not know what happened now,” Williams said.

Williams said the situation was made even more tragic by Tracy being Xavier Hill’s step-sister.

Hill was shot and killed by state police last year after being chased on I-64. The grand jury declared the shooting justified.

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