The Kingsway Prison and Family Outreach Ministry is looking to raise money for the work

Harrisonburg, Wah. (WHSV) – Kingsway Prison and Family Outreach Ministry has been providing assistance to prisoners and inmates since 1983. Now the company is asking for public help to raise money to continue and expand its services. Ways to help people turn their lives around.

“We are always looking for people who want to go inside [to prisons] And assistance in church services. If they’re not real natives, we can add them to another prison and expand, so it’s hard to say what we can do if we have funding support, ”said Kingsway Director Louis Jennings.

Jennings, 86, has been running Kingsway for over 40 years and has helped countless people during that time.

“People ask me what my passion is and I always say‘ people ’, I enjoy working with people and I want them to be successful,” she says.

Jenning has helped people who have been in prison for decades or those who are coming out of prison turn their lives around. She said she wanted to help them realize that she could relate to them and that they could change for the better.

“I am addicted to alcohol and drugs. In 1975, I accepted Jesus and decided to do what I wanted to do from that time on. ’75 was the beginning of the rest of my life, “she said.

One thing the company hopes to do in the future after raising more money is to hire its first paid director or manager to run the program for years.

“We never have a paid staff. I’m been doing this for 40 years and I’m not getting paid, ”Jennings said. “At my age we really can not rely on myself to take it further and I want to see it continue after I’m gone.”

Heather Hensley first learned about Kingsway nine years ago when she was an inmate at Rockingham County Regional Jail.

“I was sitting in the pod and I called out and there was this little lady and her name was Louise. We were in a very small room and she was sitting there smiling and I was very clueless as to why we were visiting,” Hensley said.

“She said, ‘I’m here to pray for you,’ and I thought it was so special and so time consuming because at that moment I needed a loving face and a pair to hold my hands.”

Hensley said Kingsway helped her and her children when she was in a lot of trouble when her husband was in prison a year ago. This is a really good reason because she asks anyone who can donate to Kingsway.

“Whether you are a former offender, a convict, the offender’s wife or husband, they are here without any judgment. They will tell you that you are forgiven and that you are still important, that you are not at fault. It’s so beautiful their ministry, they do not ask for anything in return, ”Hensley said.

Hensley says Louise was an angel running on earth and helped her turn her life around.

“She embarked on a very beautiful spiritual journey for me. She is a man who has not forsaken, a man whom she has not judged. She has a very open heart and an open mind. She is very understanding and loving when it is most needed, ”she says.

Kingsway offers a variety of ministries to those in prison and assists those in and out of prison in a variety of ways. Louis Jennings says volunteers are not disappointed in the difference anyone can make for themselves.

“Showing love and knowing that someone cares about them. It’s hard to describe until you meet one of them and find out where they come from, “Jennings said.

Kingsway hopes to raise $ 11,000 for its ministry as part of the Great Community Giveaway. You can donate here and learn more about its ministry.

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