The local family in distress provides them with a car after months of hardship

Colorado Springs, Colo. (KKTV) – The Colorado Springs family is ready to take the next step in their lives after a tough few months and Bob Penkhas Motor Company was able to step in and help. After the local car company turned off the phone with CSPD, a family got involved in a hit-and-run with an uninsured driver and left the vehicle there. The car turned out to be a huge part of keeping their family of five safe.

The mother, her husband and three young children lived in the entire vehicle and were trying to get back on their feet. Their story goes like this:

A young mother and father who are three years old – one, two and three years old – have endured hardships since they lost their Houston home in 2017 due to Hurricane Harvey. That’s when they started living together with family and friends, eventually living in their 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe car for 3-4 months. After trying and continuing to work in Texas, the family of five moved to Colorado in November 2021 for a fresh start. The family continued to live in their vehicle, then in December 2021, began staying at a local shelter thanks to Family Promise. The couple recently faced another hurdle as they became victims of hit and run. On February 2, their car was confiscated with extensive damage to the front end and problems with the radiator and adjacent parts that were forbidden to repair without full coverage insurance. A few days later, the mother had several interviews for a job on Amazon, had to travel by bus for two hours to get there, while the father was still at the shelter looking after their children. She was offered the post and accepted.

When Bob Penkhas decided to see if he could get a “safe and reliable” car for this family. “A gentleman brought us a car that we can estimate and it’s worth about $ 5000. And it’s a car with fewer miles, an owner, in excellent condition, brand new tires; it looks like the right car,” said Sevan Stryker, general manager of Bob Penkhas Motor Company. We ended up buying that vehicle and a few days later we donated to this family. ”

This was something the family never expected.

“They had no clue that they were getting the car. In fact the initial statement that the woman made was that I thought we could donate a bed or someone. I had no clue that I was going to take the car.

This little kindness done to help those in distress also touched the staff of Bob Penkhas. “When you hear the story and when you see people, it’s a very strong emotion for the mother to cry and the father to cry. Most of all it’s just being able to work, hey. We can pay our bills, we can take care of our children, “said the striker.

The company tells 11 news stories they like to help the community and the people who live here and this is just the beginning of the good they want to do.

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