The new ‘Croux’ application aims to solve personnel problems in restaurants

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – Several businesses in central Alabama have recruitment problems, especially in the restaurant industry, but the local startup is working on a unique application that could be the perfect solution.

“Croux” is a collaboration between five food lovers in Birmingham. The application is due to enter the beta phase next week, and for the creators, the application is coming at the perfect time.

“Everyone has problems recruiting, so we thought about how we can alleviate that, and the solution for us was an application-based platform that combines talent with opportunity,” said Croux Sales Manager Lindsey Noto.

This application will allow restaurants to pay a fee for picking up essentially free restaurant employees per shift. Workers pay nothing to enter and restaurants only pay a percentage if they succeed.

“Basically, they don’t pay if they don’t win. Therefore, if someone does not pick up the shift or does not come to work, the restaurant does not pay. They only apply if someone shows up and actually works on the shift. “

Noto says many restaurants are downsizing and simplifying their menus due to staffing issues, and believes the app could be vital to the industry during the World Games.

“It will be a big break for us to be able to reconcile it with the World Games. We know that a huge influx of people will come to the city and the hospitality industry will be very hard hit. “

Like any start-up, it’s a risk, but they say they don’t make money. They simply want to help those in the industry that they love.

“It’s generally a win for us to be able to offer our own people a solution to our friends and colleagues in the industry to help them continue their business.”

Several restaurants have already signed up for the beta and the company, emphasizing that previous restaurant experience is not necessary for those who want to start work.


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