These two states passed a gas tax suspension. More could come

Lawmakers in California, which has the country’s highest gas tax, at 51 cents a gallon, are proposing a $ 400 gas tax credit, after states Democrats previously shot down a gas tax pause. Lawmakers say for most drivers, the rebate will cover the cost of the current gas tax throughout the year.
Other heads of state, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer, have called for a 6% gas tax suspension in Michigan.

On Sunday, the average domestic gas price was $ 4.25 per gallon.

Two states have already passed laws suspending the gas tax.


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill that temporarily suspends the state’s gas tax until the end of May last week.

The law entered into force on Friday and will remain in the books until May 31.

this state freezes its about 0.29 cents in tax per gallon on regular fuel and 0.32 cents in tax on diesel. According to the AAA, the average gas price in Georgia on Sunday was $ 4.14.


Maryland has more than a 30-day tax vacation starting Friday through April 16. The state was the first in the country to pass the immediate suspension of this tax.

The abolition of the 36 cents-a-gallon tax was signed by Governor Larry Hogan, who advocated a longer suspension. Maryland’s gas prices have fallen more than 40 cents this week to an average of $ 3.86 on Sunday.

“This is obviously not a cure-all, and market volatility will continue to lead to price volatility,” Hogan said in a press release.

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