Top 10 Movies Like The Bubble

This Week, The Bible finally arriving at Netflix with an amazing throwaway list ready to make you laugh. The story follows a film production where quarantine restrictions, constant pressure and unexpectedly funny comedy moments.

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If you want more of The Bibleeven after the end of the movie, don’t look any further, as there are several other features that will definitely scratch the same itch on this list. While not all about filming, they are all sure to make you laugh at least several times.


Ed Wood (1994) – Available on YouTube

Johnny Depp as Ed Wood directs a scene

This film, starring Johnny Depp, captures the extraordinary life of true Hollywood director Ed Wood as he attempts to make low – budget films with the help of his friend Bela Lugosi. It’s in black and white, though Ed Wood‘light gooey center’ is in nature.

The Bible has the same real vow of filmmaking as this film does because it connects with real world stories and events that affect the big festival industry. They both also feel the same way about their directors Tim Burton and Judd Apatow.

Interview (2014) – Available on Hulu

James Franco and Seth Rogen work with the government in the Interview

The Interview one of the most polarizing films of 2014 as he follows the host of a TV talk show and his producer as they travel to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un and be part of a secret U.S. conspiracy to assassinate the leader. Much of what Franco and Rogen’s characters do in this film is hilarious, but it’s also because they know they need to really pay attention to this interview.

Just like The Bible, this film is all about the show business and making sure the show has to go on no matter how intense the situation. Not to mention, there’s a lot of comedy and an amazing final scene added to “Firework” by Katy Perry.

Don’t Look Up (2021) – Available on Netflix

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeniffer Lawrence, and Timothy Chalamet in Don't Look Up

Don’t look up an Oscar nominated film this year and just like The Bible, there is a list of actors with big names like Jennifer Lawrence, Timothee Chalamet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film follows a group of scientists in Michigan who find a comet that will hit the Earth and cause a stage event to become extinct.

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What makes this film so similar The Bible The fact is that there’s a good mix of drama and comedy, and we also put together a message that really matters about our struggles today whether it’s COVID or not. unity to combat the cause of our extinction such as climate change.

Funny People (2009) – Available on YouTube

Funny funny people Adam Sandler

Funny people follows a comedian who learns to have a fatal disease and decides to support a younger comedian as he tries to put his life in order so that the ultimately but with no intention of entering into forgiveness.

It’s another film by Judd Apatow featuring an amazing team of characters including Maude Apatow and Leslie Mann who are also in The Bible. The film is completely similar The Bible and they both have artistic qualities because they have the same leader.

Knocked Up (2007) – Available on Hulu

Beaten It’s about a woman who is pregnant with a baby from standing one night and giving the sluggish father a chance to prove he wants to be in their baby’s life. It’s a comedy film that features a twist and turn of a normal life that changes two for the better.

Beaten it’s also another Judd Apatow film based entirely on his own life experiences, and has a similarly funny, unexpectedly humorous tone. The Bible. While not as fast as a story, it is sweet and realistic.

The Disaster Artist (2017) – Available on Netflix

The Disaster Artist which the Franco brothers retell how Tommy Wiseau came up with The Chamber, one of the most popular cult films ever. They were even able to enlist the help of Tommy himself to bring the film’s story to life.

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This movie is like The Bible because it’s also about trying to make a film even though it seems like an impossible question. That being said, this movie is definitely a bit raunchier and can be just weird at times trying to capture the Wiseau filmmaking process.

Anchorman (2004) – Available on Amazon Prime

Ron Burgundy and Veronica in Anchorman

Anchorman follows Ron Burgundy, a news reporter who is concerned that his new female co – host is getting more attention than he does. In this hilarious comedy there are a number of great actors who do and say the most amazing things to make an audience crack.

This movie is like The Bible as it’s about TV stars, albeit smaller ones, who are always fighting and kicking even while cameras are moving in their studio. All in all, it’s a really good film that deals with the same struggles of trying to inspire different greats to behave on set.

Greetings to you, Caesar! (2016) – Available on Netflix

Hail Caesar dancers use in the film

Greetings to you, Caesar! This is one of the best films out there about working in Hollywood at the highest level, and has an amazing roster of actors that includes George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum and many more. It follows a producer, played by Josh Brolin, who tries to tie together several projects when one of his biggest stars is kidnapped by communists.

This movie is like The Bible with the fact that he is the epitome of the hilarious and amazing act of making movies. They both have this funny spark associated with their own timepieces, which listeners will surely love to see.

Film After Borat (2020) – Available on Amazon Prime

Borat film after that it’s a great film that’s forgotten and it’s an amazing watch. This is the second installment of Sasha Baron Cohen Bòrat suffrage and it perfectly captures the essence of living in America through the 2020 election, COVID, and everything else that divides our country.

This half-written story is full of shocking value and relevant and reassuring messages about living in a pandemic that will also be addressed in The Bible. This film aims to throw up a mirror and show Americans how stupid life is in the USA in 2020.

Tropic Thunder (2008) – Available on Amazon Prime

Tropical Showers

Tropical Showers he has a good team and while he’s seen as controversial today for some of his humor, he’s more like The Bible in terms of concept. The film follows a group of actors who have been flown to Vietnam to film their war film, but when asked to leave the script, their production turns south when they run into a smuggling activity. armed drugs.

Tropical Showers one of the best films about the film industry. It’s full of slapstick comedy and fake commercials that really elevate and improve the world in which this movie is set in a very nice setting. It’s an essential sight for any fan The Bible.

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