Top 10 shark attack movies

A shark has had a hard time off film. Given that they are responsible for fewer human deaths each year than bees, it’s no wonder that shark cinemas are being manipulated as thoughtless devices heavy with innocent eater baths. Shark cinema has also suffered from highly insensitive and silly movies, and at this point, any film that involves a shark is basically a joke. See the Sharkado series, for example.

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So, it’s important to try to remember the few films that break through the mold and at least try to make a special and interesting shark attack film.

10 47 Meters Down is a good idea with poor performance

47 Meters downit is the strongest asset of its foundation. Two sisters go cage diving and are caught on the ocean floor surrounded by basking sharks. It’s a good idea, and the film has a claustrophobic quality, like 127 Hours but underwater.

He also tries to keep things semi-rational, but the badly done sharks break any ban on disbelief. Plus, fans weren’t happy with the horrible ending.

9 Red Water is silly but different

Red Water, Lou Diamond Phillips

Red Water is a fuzzy and low – budget film about a bull shark hunting a river, and it makes good use of this environment. These small details separate it from other shark attack films from this period of the early 2000s.

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While the film is fun on its own and with its cast of characters, its shark attack sequences are not best understood. Red Water There are good times, but it comes down quickly, and critics have agreed that it was a bit tedious in the end.

8 The Meg has fun with its base

The Meg, Poster

The Meg as one of the newest shark attack blockbusters, and attracted a lot of attention because of its concept and B movie tone. It’s about a team of researchers who believe that an extinct and dangerous giant shark is hiding in the depths of the ocean.

Admittedly, he’s having fun with this concept and Jason Statham works well as the main character. But many fans were disappointed with the shark attack scenes. Am Meg definitely going for an action movie baby, and many viewers argued that the shark was fundamentally reduced to a giant monster.

7 The reef has weak characters but good shark action

The Reef, Shark Attack

The Skerries based on a very sad story in which a boat is sunk and a man is hunted by a tiger shark, which is a harrowing event and could make a horrible suspense movie. There are several scenes of shark attack, and listeners were overwhelmed by these brutal sequences.

Critics largely raised questions about the irksome characters and found themselves rooting for the fish. Plus, despite being based on a really awful story, it does feel a bit silly at times. However, times are tight and the shark effect looks impressive.

6 12 days of terrorism is ambitious but ultimately forgotten

12 days of rebellion, shark attack

This is a very vague shark film that was released directly on TV in 2004, but it’s worth considering, that’s for its desire. The key advancement here is that this low – budget film attempted to adapt a highly detailed book that explored the true story of the infamous shark attacks of 1916. This adds depth and astronomy to many times a character, which is a big advantage.

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12 Days of Horror trying to present these events in a semi-rational way for the most part, but in the end, it loses a bit, as fans argued that it is more focused on jump splits and mechanical monster. The CGI is also very prominent, which has deterred many from getting involved.

5 The deep blue ocean is full of silly action at a fast pace

Deep Blue Sea, Thomas Jane

The Deep Blue Sea definitely the fan favorite shark movie for a fun water adventure. The main advantages are the tone of a cheesy action film, a fun team, and the iconic scenes of Samuel L Jackson. The sharks are also attractive; they have a number of movements that are not only genetically augmented but outward looking for food.

Unfortunately, at times he tries to try a real tone, which has fallen mostly flat for most viewers. However, when it comes to its silly foundation, it’s a great time.

4 The Shallows is the best shark action movie in recent memory

The Shallows, Blake Lively

The Arts was a shark attack film that had an original reception but a wider mixed distribution. Despite the peace that surrounded it, The Ssaints trying to present a film that is relatively reasonable. There are raw moments where Blake Lively deals with injuries and tries to think through her situation, however, the shark itself was a big disappointment to many people.

The fish themselves look good for most, but the audience was amazed at how great it was with this one predatory item. In addition, Blake Lively managed to move the creature into the water a little too much for some viewers.

3 Jaws 2 is good if the series is repetitive

Jaws 2, Roy Scheider, Brody CEO

hostages 2 it was a mixed bag for many of the hostages licensing but there are good times. The use of real shark images can be sure, the mechanical monster is still working well, and it’s good to see Roy Scheider return as well.

It’s a good idea for Brody to be overwhelmed by the events of the first film. Unfortunately, the film chooses to focus on 70s teenage drama and will be a true slasher film set at sea.

2 Open water is a matchless game

Open water, shark

Open Water which has never entered the shark film debate much, which is a shame. Recently praised shark movies such as Tit is shallow, but Open Water features a similar foundation and is much better. The desire of this film is to focus specifically on the two main climbers who inspire it above as just another shark film.

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When the sharks appear, they are sure to bring geese to anyone in the audience. This is largely due to their use of real sharks, which is undoubtedly impressive. It gives the whole film this feeling of true credibility, which was satisfied by many critics and fans of the genre.

1 Jaws is an undeniable classic

Jaws, Roy Schieder, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss

hostages not just the bar setting for shark movies but for creature features and blockbusters in general. Oddly enough, many fans of this classic argue that its best quality is not really a shark movie.

hostages spends most of his run time to the city of Amity and the three main characters, using the shark itself just to point out and exacerbate the main protagonists’ problems. That being said, there are also some of the best and most reasonable shark attack sequences to please shark fans. One brilliant scene is Alex Kitner’s iconic attack, perfectly directed and terribly raw.

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