‘We are going to lose him terribly’: 6 Family relies on faith after father of children dies in head accident

Police say Stephen Gimme was traveling 45 minutes daily before sunrise on Wednesday when an uncontrolled driver crossed the middle line of the Dauphin County Highway and hit him on the head, killing his husband and six fathers. .

Gimme died at 4:40 a.m. on Route 147 in Reed Township, Pennsylvania State Police said. Rindy Martin, 43, of Elizabethville, was speeding at the time of the accident, investigators said. No charges were filed until Saturday. Three days before the fatal accident, Martin was speeding.

At the time of his death, Stephen was driving the family’s minivan to the Pen Tank Truck Wash in Elizabethtown, where he worked as a tank wash technician for 13 years. He was a lead worker in his shift.

His family is now planning a Friday, March 25 funeral at Matamoros Bible Church in Halifax, where he will be dedicated.

The faith in the Gimmie family is strong and they are leaning towards it after Stephen’s unexpected death.

“We do not believe in coincidences. He loved God and is with him now. We are grateful for that, but we will miss him terribly, “said Patricia Gimme, Stephen’s mother.

The Jimmis minivan was wrecked in the accident, leaving the family without a reliable means of transportation. GoFundMe, which began to cover some of the family’s expenses, raised more than $ 11,000 towards its $ 15,000 target by Saturday afternoon.

Chris Miller, operations manager at Pen Tank Truckwash, says PennLive Stephen is a loyal, hard-working and well-liked employee. His responsibility is to clean, sanitize and test the tanks used to draw liquids such as chocolate and apple juice. The company is going to do everything it can to help his family in the coming months, Miller said.

Patricia Gimmey said that Stephen suffered from an illness in high school and had to go back to school to get his GED. None of these struggles, however, affected his work ethic. Patricia says Stephen loves to be able to support his family.

Patricia said Stephen had three brothers and sisters, all of whom were very close to Stephen and to each other.

Stephen and his wife Priscilla Gimme shared six children aged 16 months to 15 years. Priscilla says children struggle to stay strong while processing their loss.

Stephen’s wife, Priscilla Gimme, said Gimmies bought their first home in Halifax less than two years ago. Around the same time, she found out that she was pregnant with the couple’s young child – at the right time, she says they bought a four-bedroom house with much more space than their old Steelton rental home.

“It fits perfectly,” Priscilla said.

When the couple’s 7-year-old son found out his father was dead, he went outside and looked up at the sky, waving his arms and saying, “Hi, Daddy.”

“His family is very important to him,” she says. “He’s a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. He took great care of his children.”

The Gimmie family went on a camping trip every year on August 18, the week of Stephen and Priscilla’s wedding anniversary. Priscilla said the trip was a great time for the whole family to get together and celebrate the couple’s relationship, and that year was a happy one for them.

The family loves campfires and has a fire pit in their Halifax yard. Stephen sometimes lights fires in the winter to keep children warm while playing in the snow, Priscilla said.

Priscilla says family campfires are another opportunity to practice their faith. Stephen brought his Bible with him and read summaries while his wife and children sat around the fire. He also taught Bible lessons at the dinner table each night, Priscilla said.

She said the Halifax community supports and comforts Priscilla and her family when they are grieving. But nothing can replace the comfort provided by her husband during times of struggle. He was a strong and caring man who lived for his family.

“Steve had a very big heart and he cared a lot for everyone,” she says. “He always makes sure that everyone around him is good. All I have to do is hug him and make him feel good to me.

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