When Verstappen retires, Leclerc Ferrari leads 1-2

Carlos Science’s teammate was able to move up to second place due to Red Bull’s reliable play, while Lewis Hamilton shocked third place for Mercedes.

In the beginning, Leclerc and Verstappen fired loudly off the line, and Ferrari quickly swung to his right, covering the Red Bull and sealing the inside line to the first corner.

There, Verstappen then applied the brakes and went completely near Lecklerk, but the leader’s internal position meant that he could easily pull through 2 and 3 turns, then weave 4 straight straight once, and there he was pulled away. The front is clear.

57 By the end of the first round, Leclerc was out of the DRS range ahead of Worstappen, chasing the Science World Champion, and Hamilton fell behind Kevin in the 1st round, beating Mexican Sergio Perez. Magnussen’s Haas is a result of that.

Over the next few laps, Leclerc – driving a new used soft tire on Verstappen’s car – pulled away from his Red Bull rival, who at one point complained that his mid-range engine brakes were “joking”.

The gap in the Leclerc was a few tenths of a turn, and the pair were the only front-runners to be able to stay in the 1m38s bracket regularly.

By the 10th round, Leclerc’s lead had reached three seconds, and Sainz was running another section behind and now ahead of Perez, who did not match the forward speed after Perez passed after putting pressure on Mercedes driver Sainz.

At the end of Round 14, Verstappen and Sainz started using used softs, came to buy new ones, and Leclerc stopped and turned around at the end of the next tour.

Verstappen used his out-lap on fresh rubber to completely erase Leclerc’s lead, but Ferrari managed to stay ahead of the exit.

But the next time, at the start of Round 17, Verstappen used DRS to close a gap of 0.7 seconds and dive into Leclerc’s interior at the first corner, leading an adventurous movement on the inside line, but briefly using Leclerc DRS. He ran into the 4th round, returning with a brave pass from the Red Bulls.

The same sequence was played again in the next round, but this time with Leclerc taking the lead by attacking Verstappen’s interior in the Turn 4 entry, and then being able to go back and forth, wide-ranging his opponent.

In the 19th round of his third attempt, Verstappen went 0.9 seconds behind and tried to send a strong motion inwards, but this time he locked tight and the Ferrari was able to turn back and run faster. As a result out of DRS range.

Lock-up and DRS losses slowed Verstappen’s pace, he slipped back to a low of 1m38s, while Leclerc placed a 1m37s series from the middle and quickly regained his three – second advantage.

At half-time, Lecklerk was running well for four seconds, missing part in the lap of Nico Hulkenberg before regaining it, and Verstappen managed to get around Sebastian Vettel’s temporary replacement in Aston Martin.

Red Bull stopped Worcester first at the second round stops, and at the end of the 30th round the Dutchman was dragged to the media, just to get him covered next time with Ferrari Leclerc.

Although Ferrari beat Red Bull by half a second in idle time, Verstappen made a slightly faster out-lap than before, but this time Leclerc was far ahead.

Even when they were traffic lapsed in the early stages of the third round, the pair immediately hit the 1m36s bracket they had never had before, where Verstappen angrily told Red Bull that he had obtained it more easily than he needed. Never do it “again”, though at a low advantage, his anger was far behind that of Leclerc.

Although Verstappen cut off Leclerc’s lead, they reached the round immediately two seconds later in their second stop, Ferrari quickly regained its advantage, while Leclerc held on to the mid 1m36s as Verstappen fell to 1m37s.

By the 43rd round, Lecklerk had rebuilt his lead to four seconds, and Red Bull decided to bring both of his cars to a third stop – Perez drove the media in his second round and then closed to sink in Science. Two leaders.

The Ferrari Leclerc seemed to be leaving at two stops to watch the race, bringing science to cover Perez, but the final stage was even more dramatic when Pierre Gazley retired with an engine problem and the race engine caught fire. Route 46 – At the exit of the AlphaTauri 3 turn, the short second stopped right at the start.

The virtual safety car was activated but the fully safety car was activated, he was able to take another soft set to restart when it was brought by Ferrari Leclerc.

At the start of the 51st round the races resumed, allowing all the lap cars to overtake, before Worstappen complained loudly about his steering wheel corners and straight weights, which would be a problem for the Red Bull to tell him. He will also have to adapt until the end of the match.

When the defense car arrived, Leclerc fired back into the race, Verstappen nailed it hard against the end corner, and the action was clear about Sainz hitting second.

Verstappen tied the Spaniard to take the outside line – 1 m24.570 seconds – as the pair quickly fell behind Leclerk, the new lead of 1.6 seconds, the fastest round of the race.

He easily won in 5.5 seconds, taking his first Bahraini GP victory at the same place where he lost his first professional F1 victory three years ago due to a delayed engine problem.

But from Worstappen complaining about his steering error to being fired by Red Bull and later reporting that it was an unreasonable mistake, Science was able to pursue Lecklerk’s house, from complaining about his steering wheel.

With two laps to go, Verstappen suddenly fell into the semi-finals and then crawled into the pits to retire, with Perez then reporting a loss of power as Hamilton drove a soft, hard, medium, soft three-stop. To threaten a Mercedes platform.

When it appeared that Perez could hang on, he spun in the 1st round in the final round, grabbed his engine and spun behind him, leaving him in the same spot.

So Hamilton finished third 9.6 seconds behind Laklerk, while George Russell finished fourth, rising quickly from his ninth-placed Gride in the early stages and chasing his teammate 14 seconds before safety car time.

Magnusson battled it out for the fifth time in most of the match between Russell and Gasley, while Valteri Botas recovered from a slow start to sixth.

Esteban Ocon and Yuki Tsunoda went ahead of Fernando Alonso in the safety car, and the trio took the flag from seventh to ninth.

In his first F1 race, Zhou Guanyu finished 10th in the championship standings, 11th for Mick Schumacher Haas, ahead of Lance Stroll, who carried the previous lap drivers well into the package – back to back It happened before. They were able to recapture.

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