Will Smith was withheld from Academy Awards for 10 years, including the Oscar Award

“The Board has decided that, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith will not be allowed to attend any of the Academy’s events or programs, individually or in practice, including but not limited to the Academy Awards. , “Academy President David Rubin and CEO Don Hudson said in a statement on Friday.

The decision was made during a meeting of the Dell Board of Governors in Los Angeles last day. The meeting, initially scheduled for April 18, was accelerated after Smith announced his resignation from the academy last week.

Smith issued a quick, concise statement from the Oscars on his ban for the next decade.

“I accept and respect the Academy’s decision,” the actor said in a statement to CNN.

CNN Rock has reached out to a representative for comment

The decision comes after “a lot of debate” about what the outcome of the climb at his stage should be, a board member told CNN.

The Academy’s letter added: “The 94th Oscar Awards were a celebration of the many people in our community who did incredible things this past year; However, those moments were dominated by the unacceptable and harmful behavior that we see Mr. Smith on stage. “

“During our telecast, we did not adequately address the room situation,” the letter states. “For that, we are sorry. It was an opportunity for us to set an example for our guests, viewers and our academy family around the world, and we were down – unprepared.”

The board of governors said in a previous statement that they wanted the matter “to be handled in a timely manner.”

Smith’s resignation means he is no longer part of the academy’s voting body, but that doesn’t stop him from being nominated for an Oscar winner in the future, a knowledgeable source previously told CNN.

Generally, last year’s Best Actor winner wins the current year’s Best Actor Award (and the best performer presents the trophy for Best Actor). With Smith’s ban, the Oscars will have to break that tradition.

What happened and what came next

The actor shocked Rock as the comedian was performing onstage at the Academy Awards on March 27, when Rock Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett, joked about Smith’s close-knit hair.

Pinnacle Smith suffers from hair loss due to alopecia.

Rock has not spoken publicly about the incident.

A few days after the incident, Rock appeared on a comedy show in Boston as part of his “EgoDay Tour” and said “I have nothing to do with what happened, so if you count me.” This weekend I wrote what seemed like a complete show. And I’m still processing what happened, so at some point I’ll talk about it *** and it’ll be serious and it’ll be a comedy, but this time I’m gonna do some fun stuff.
Smith publicly apologized for the racket the day after the incident via social media.
Smith also reached out to the show’s producer Will Porter the next morning, apologizing and expressing his shame, the producer told Gathering Morning America.

During an interview with “GMA,” Pecker said officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were ready to arrest Smith for Battery, but Rock said he didn’t want to.

In his letter, the academy expressed “gratitude to Mr. Rauck for maintaining his exceptional circumstances.”

“This process that we are taking today is a step towards the greater goal of responding to Will Smith’s attitude, protecting the safety of our actors and guests, and restoring confidence in the academy,” the letter concluded. “We also hope this healing and recovery period can begin for all involved and those affected.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter, Jason Kovarik and Cherry Mossberg contributed to this report.

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