WrestleMania 38 Night 1: Live results and reviews

The biggest event in professional wrestling is ready to touch the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. WrestleMania, 38, a two-night affair at the home of the Dallas Cowboys, will light up the WWE’s Superstars on the line with all of the promotion’s titles. Saturday’s festivities include three title matches, one icon return and the first match for a social media star.

WWE Raw Womens Champion Becky Lynch and Bianca Bellaire face off in a rally match when Bellaire brilliantly cuts its title to Lynch in just 26 seconds at the Summer Salem last August. Other standout matches include The Miles teaming up with social media star Logan Paul to face father-in-law Judy Ray and Dominic Maestreau and Seth Rollins, an opponent who will be introduced to Mr Mac Mohan once Rollins is in the ring. General Chat Chat Lounge

The other two titles will be on Saturday’s card: Yousaf looks to retain his SmackDown Tag Team title against Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boggs, and Ronda Rousey will aim for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, as she defeats Charlotte Flyer. Select. The Royal Rumble of Women in January.

Also, the main event of Knight 1 is expected, “Steven Cold” will be on the ramp to make an appearance at the Steve Austin “Kew Show”, hosted by Kevin Owens. The assumption is that the hands will be thrown, the beer will be pushed and one will be on the wrong end of the spectrum.

Why not WWE in a while? All you need to know about the card is our Lost Fans Guide, then follow the live as we break down every match on the card.

Match in progress: SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair (C) vs. Ronda Rousey


False Roads Defense. Seth Rollins

“American Night Dream” helped us reconcile dreams we didn’t know we needed.

It had been six years since Cody Rhodes stepped into a WWE ring, and his match against Seth Rollins served as a reminder that two dynamic personalities could combine with technical in-color excellence.

It seemed like Rollins would be set in a throwaway match, due to an unexpected amount of chances that he would face Saturday night, but due to being with Rhodes, the two played a match that looked somewhat like the Attitude Era. General Chat Chat Lounge In the late 90s. Less aerial actions, more counters, and a dodder. Compared to Belair-Lynch, the speed of the Rollins-Rhodes was slow, but the drama remained loud and tight.

To be fair, pacing could be the thing that gave us the real tension of the contest, as an Iron Man match broke out in the race for professional wrestling between the two best performers. Rollins Break an inward suplex from the top rope and attach it to a second slam, just to kick Rhodes out. Then Rhodes landed a flying DDT from the top rope, only to pull Rollins out.

The night’s collection went to Rhodes, who linked Rollins to the back-to-back crossroads, and then decided to channel “The American Dream” with many jobs for Dusty Rhodes and to make this wonderful Bionic Elbow proud of his father. A third cross will end the Rhodes Rollins night, earning the first win for the former three-time AEW TNT champion.

What’s next: It does feel like Rhodes is ready to go with the big dogs, right? Could be But setting the perfect seasonal road with a fan base or ricochet will help raise the profile of all involved. For Rollins, there’s a story to sing with Ryan, depending on how the celebration goes this weekend.

Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair def. Becky Lynch (C)

Between the VIP, the crafted paparazzi-style pullups and the entrance of Texas Southern’s “Ocean of Civil” band performances, it felt as if the Raw Woman’s Championship match between superstar incumbent Becky Lynch and Bianca Bellaire. in the.

The drama began shortly after, as the hand of the doom from Lynch that ended Belair’s championship rule four months ago was presented to the Big GameBox by EST. Lynch, surprised by the forehead, replied with a smile on his face. Do not stop there.

Lynch stayed on the offensive for most of the match, becoming aggressive and trying to build on various points at a fast pace, belayer. But Bellaire would not be down, as his ability to get out of different holdings helped keep the match at a level.

That power is always up, but his athletic fats have come to another level as his 450-degree splash left-over Agape over lunch. Lunch will not end there, as his rolling Dundrick from the top rope on Belair was equally impressive.

Belair appeared to have been ruined late in the match, as Lynch hit him on the steel steps with a mainhand slam, leaving him out of the ring and almost counted. Belair got back into the ring at the 9th count, ready to end the challenge with lunch. However, Baylor called for his ultimate strength, lifted Lynch over his shoulders and landed Keith to finish the champion.

The standard has been officially set, as Belair and Lynch are arguably the best match of 2022, with a high bar to clear the WrestleMania card remaining this weekend.

What’s next: There is still a lot of meat left over between the two of them, and if you want to make more combinations between the two, then so be it. Beller is a worthy heir to the throne, but can we see Ripley taking action to challenge the belt’s strength? For lunch, she’s earned status in the WWE like Nate Diaz, where she can earn top billing on the line with or without belt. She is very good

Mays and Logan Paul defend. Dominique Stereo & Ray Stereo

There’s a big question coming up in the tag-team match between Assists vs. The Miles and Logan Paul: We know Logan Paul can win, but can he fight?

Paul presented himself well, with flamboyant athleticism and power, along with some unsearchable tactics that put him in front of someone who is not on his side. In fact, the pair from Cleland showed an instant tag team chemistry while controlling the match for a long time.

However, the father-son duo will rally back as senior stereo finally gets in the ring to save a spoiled Dominican and sets a tough offense on the table. Ray’s flyer Hurricanrana helped to restore control of the mystery with a stunning 619 Tornado DDT. And then, the game of overcoming each other began.

First, Ray’s unsuccessful attempt to kill three amigos was made by Logan Paul, with a Kombat move with a Frog Splash and a Shimmy. Then, Dominic compared his own Frog Splash to the setup of Double 619 by The Mysterios.

Through all the madness, Miles tagged himself and landed a scalp crushing final on Ray to cash in on the victory.

Then, to unite himself, The Miz decided to recall the meat he had been dealing with Logan since last August, and to his team-mate’s scalp crushing final.

What’s next: For a brief moment, the idea of ​​Muds and Paul seemed a real possibility to be a legitimate tag team. And then Miles sent his friend’s face to the canvas. A potential split and future solo success seems like the move here. Especially for Paul, who not only kept himself long, but showed the charisma needed for real success in WWE.

As for Mysterios, their spot is secure among the top tag teams in the company, and they should be challenged to re-strip in the near future.

Drew McIntyre def. Happy Corbin

Drew McIntyre is out for revenge when he is attacked by Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss in WWE Day 1. Saturday night McIntyre finally got his revenge, though he took a swanton duty over the top rope and walked out at the end of the day. In order to achieve it.

It is a little shame that McIntyre and Corbin started playing cards against each other in the beginning, with the stain being nothing more than a personal animosity to the other person, while putting the other guy in the ring while on a show. Were clinical. Moss, instead of interfering with the usual joke, interferes with his team-mates, causing him serious harm by being upset.

McIntyre, who recently returned to action after recovering from a neck injury, is finally linked with Killmore on Corbyn to secure the victory. During his celebration, Moss tried to bat, but was unsuccessful by MacIntyre, who grabbed his massive sword “Angela” and cut the two-figure rope in half while missing Moss in the process.

What’s next: McIntyre’s clash with Corbin and Moss should end now, and he may be in line for a title shot depending on how things go between Sunday night’s series and Lesnar’s. How about a legitimate run for the tag team title, for Corbin and Moss? They are large, they can move and everyone can put their own mic. Maybe they are next to Usos?

SmackDown Tag Team Champion Ships: Usos (C) def. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boggs

The lower tandems could have been a better choice to work as WrestleMania 38’s opener than Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boggs’ rock and rolling pair, as well as the high-flying, seven-time tag team champion The Usos.

Boggs showed off his outstanding guitar skills and talent both inside and outside the ring with a display of power by lifting Jie Yosso to a vertical suplex position. Unfortunately, Boggs suffered injuries as his right knee hit his knee – the same knee he claimed to be injured a few weeks ago – when he tried to lift the shoulders of both brothers in the middle of the ring.

Usos eventually eliminated Nakamura now single with a 1D and won the pinfall.

For Jimmy and Jay, keeping the titles on the weekends means he can focus on all things Bloodline related and helping his cousin Roman Reigns win Sunday’s main event against Brock Lesnar. For Boggs, a rising star who has been the most shining moment to start the show, hopefully a quick recovery ahead of her.

What’s next: A victory for Usos helps reset the bar for the SmackDown tag team Post-WrestleMania. Depending on how the new day unfolds Saturday night with Angle Woods and Kofi Kingston keeping them without the Big A, another battle between the two future Hall of Fame tag teams seems like a real possibility. For Nakamura and the Boogs, running seems to be a split and a single in their future.

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