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    Who is next for the undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on the Island of Reliance?

    This was the question at the heart of SmackDown’s Friday episode on Fox, the first after a blockbuster WrestleMania 38 that defeated tribal chief Brock Lesnar in the Wonder Takes All-Main event.

    Who steps on the plate to challenge the Head of the Table, and what other stories does WWE have for its fans on the first episode of Blue Brand television after the biggest night of sports entertainment?

    Find out now with this recipe for an April 8 broadcast.

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    At the disappointing, controversial loss of access to Charlotte Flair on WrestleMania on Saturday, Ronda Rousey started the broadcast on Friday with a meaningless promo. He kept the blame only to himself, but expressed his desire to match again; An I Quit Match.

    Flair woke up to the challenge, questioned Rosie’s moniker and told her rivals to go to the back of the line. A disobedient provision promises to ease the pain the next time they meet.

    The promo was far from vibrant and was mostly taken by the queen. The provision shows that he has lost the confidence he had during Mike’s last flood and that nothing has been given to him so much to say that he has done a lot to help him recover again.

    Hopefully, that changes.

    At the very least, the promo did what it set out to: increase the hostility and set up a potential blockbuster rematch.



    Sweet Moments

  • “I’m starting to think ‘The Baddest Woman on the Planet’ is not just a snap catchphrase, it’s a pity because you can’t win when it’s important, so get in the back of the queue, bitch,” Flair recalled. Rousey from the backstage area.

  • “You’re not just saying you owe it, you’re going to cry it as I roll your shoulders back,” Rosie threatened.

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    A competitive match between the two NXT Originals defeated Diane Woods in the ND loss to Sheamus and Ridge Holland defeated Butch in the singles competition.

    The competition emphasized Hill’s robustness and Woods’ resourcefulness, which rolled out a small package to win (renamed The Back Woods by Pat McAfee).

    After the match, Butch broke his team-mate before climbing onto the top rope and “like a kid,” Michael Koll commented. In this regard, this match was about as important a role as the match itself. Considering that no one knew what that personality was when it suddenly popped up on television, it was good to see some progress this week.


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    Sweet Moments

  • “I was tired جي Weight, “says Bruce Weight” Pat Dunn, of Butch’s previous life in the Woods hat of the cape.
  • Pat McAfee had a nice touch by the SmackDown color observer, covering it with a butcher’s name for Butch’s name and a great cover for a questionable name.
  • New Day is revealing that they have not yet won a WrestleMania match as a team surprising. One of the best groups in WWE history has earned the right to win on the big stage as a unit.

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    On stage, Sami Zayn talks to Adam Pearce about the loss of WrestleMania and was able to put his foot in his mouth, promising to fight the next wrestler to walk through the door. That person Drew McIntyre.

    On the field, Poor Joe had the unenviable task of battling Al Gonzo in his first match as a mainstay star. Ludwig Kaiser, formerly at the Marcel Bordeaux Imperium, for a one-way promotion match with the Ring General.

    Punishing a Gondar fool will never be fun. He completely obliterated his opponent, he gobbled up and put him away to win in a solid main roller introduction. Caesar, himself, is a strong in-color competitor and two-time NXT Champion. Hopefully, he has the chance to get some ring time to improve himself.


    The top moments

  • Zen-twisted Hill was the latest in his promo with Adam Pearce during a back-to-back encounter at Cheese.
  • “Big Will Smith bombs chest,” McAfee said of Gander’s punishing open hand chips to his opponent’s chest.
  • Backstage, Kayla Braxton introduces the recent SmackDown star, Raquel Rodriguez (formerly Gonzalez), who rejects a kiss from Los Ludarvis.

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    An upset Hippie Corbin made her way into the ring for Hepatics, aided by an even more passionate Medkip Moss.

    Corbin blamed Drew McIntyre for the loss to Moss and claimed he was too busy telling WrestleMania about him. Not impressed with Moss’ joke, Corbyn dismissed it as Mood said “Made Cap Moss! Andrew de Gent Memorial in support of the Beatles Royal Conqueror

    Moss responded with a joke, ending both partnerships with being the punchline Corbin. Jester attacked Corbin to the delight of the fans and the team was dismayed, with Moss finally getting the best of his teammate and destroying the heptack seat.

    Say What You Do About Happy Corbyn’s Role and Creative Leader WrestleMania But Mead’s reaction to Mass and his split with Charge is proof that it worked. Fans were in attendance Friday On fire For Moss, treating him like the next big kid in the company.

    Given his work with McIntyre over the past three months, Moss has had the opportunity.



    The top moments

  • “Is the bum-ass Corbin back?” McAfee asked.
  • “I think you’ve been too big for your suspenders and you’ve forgotten your place: to tell me a joke,” Corbin said of Moss.

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    Sami Zayn tries to recover from his humiliating loss to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania. Drew McIntyre also had other plans as the Scottish Warrior hit him early and often, even preventing The Great Liberator from getting on the ramp.

    Zayn eventually escaped from his opponent’s grip, knocking Killmore up and going through the math. McIntyre angrily referred Angela to Zayn for closing the part.

    The match was nothing to write home about but it set the stage for a rivalry between the two, which can be very fun if Zen is allowed to remind fans that he is a talented in-color opponent. General Chat Chat Lounge The individual style of competition would seem to mesh well, as did the characters.

    If McIntyre is not ready to challenge the Roman Reigns in the future, there are worse options for him to work without one of the best, most over-the-top companies in the company.

    Lucy Evans later won a promo that served as a re-introduction to her and her story. It was brilliant, genuine, raw and emotional. That was what the Sassy Southern Belle persona was never about: relevant. The fans reacted accordingly, cheering her on as she wrapped things up.


    C +

    Sweet moment

  • “I’m definitely still hungry!” McAfee said of his WrestleMania appearance after a video recap.
  • Lucy Evans returns to her TV, with a father of her childhood who was addicted, and details her journey to the WWE. “It doesn’t make me any better than any other superstar, but they sure are no better than me,” he told the video to close.

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    Ria Ripley was prominent in her absence as partner Leo Morgan went to the ring for a match with Sasha Banks, along with women’s tag team championship partner Naomi. Morgan hoped to turn the momentum in favor of himself and Ripley but to do so, he would have to beat one of the best wrestlers of his generation, Leggett Boss.

    Morgan and the band delivered a very good match that got the fans on their feet at one point in support of both women. Banks was the best wrestler and the shock on his face, when Morgan won a Superplex in a small package, reflected his shock and surprise.

    The former Wright squad member needed to win to avoid the “running” label, but also to prove that Ripley when Australia was inevitably shaken up was not where the team was weak.



    The top moments

  • Naomi kept Morgan on comment, which would only serve to boost her and the bank if (when?) They beat her and Ripley to retain the tag title on RAW on Monday.
  • The bank completely sold out the loss as being a more confident champion. The look on his face was priceless, which recognized the wonder of defeat.

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    After days of covering the WWE Universe with the next step in the Isle of Relevance, non-controversial WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns made the big reveal: He wants The Usos to be Raw and challenge the tag title so that The Bloodline can handle it all. Gold.

    Shinowski Nakamura intervened in the proceedings, covering the controversy with The Head of the Table, only to be presented by Yousuf in the wake of the show’s opposition.

    Usos vs. RK-Bro Overnight feels the most logical next step is for both teams to have full control over their own brand’s tag division. That’s why we started the competition on Raw on Monday when Jimmy and Jay defeated Randy Orton, Radial and Art Bowler along with Austin Dior, so there’s nothing surprising about that announcement.

    What is amazing is the upcoming challenge of the Universal Championship of the Tees Range for Nakamura.

    The artist has spent the better part of the last two years competing with the tag team, but still thanks to his success around the world, Wrestling fans have a ton of faith. His reputation precedes him and, more importantly, negates some of the questionable bookings he has had with her in recent years.

    FC Twente vs. AZ Alkmaar Reigns is a recent matchup and, more importantly, rooted to the Royal Rumble of 2018, when the potential challenger won the title match by eliminating the champion. It should remind the WWE that when it comes to the impression that Nakamura may defeat Ryan and end his Epic Title Run.



    The top moments

  • “The SmackDown and Universal Championship … that was not enough,” Ryan said at WrestleMania before recounting his win over “Cowboy Brock”.
  • “I want you all to go to Raw and I want you all to take me to these Raw Tag Team Championships,” the tribal chief told The Us.
  • Bloodline will soon get gold! The king cried out.
  • “I want to give you some of this Bloodline love,” Renz said, before nodding to Nakamura, only for The Usos to rock the artist with a double supercar.
  • McAfee’s “Super Cock Party” reference was a direct hit and nod to the audience.

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